New Ketchup Bottle Invention Gets the Good Stuff Out Faster (VIDEO)

liquiglideEveryone, now we have two reasons to celebrate this weekend. They figured out how to fix ketchup! To be exact, scientists have created a bottle that lets the ketchup just slide out -- instead of making you smack the bottom to get those last few glugs out.

Introducing LiquiGlide, a surface coating that sends ketchup along its merry way, out of the plastic or glass bottle and right next to that still-warm pile of French fries.

Oh, one little hitch -- you can't get a LiquiGlide bottle just yet.


Yes, ketchup bliss is still tantalizingly out of reach, though hopefully not for long. The surface coating was the runner-up for MIT's 100,00-dollar Entrepreneurship Challenge. And though it was just number two, anyone notice how no one's talking about the real winner? Yeah. I think if investors are smart, they'll get this thing on store shelves pronto. Before the fries get cold.

Okay, here's the part where I reveal something shocking: I don't even like ketchup. I don't, my husband doesn't, and even our son doesn't like it. But we keep it in our refrigerator anyway. Why? Because all of our friends like ketchup, and we like to have them over for dinner. Yes, we have a bottle of guest ketchup in our refrigerator. Oh but we do love mayonnaise -- and guess what?

Yup, it works for mayonnaise, too. I just hope this stuff is non-toxic and not the new BPA! 

Would you like it if ketchup bottles worked this way?


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