Eating Organic Makes You Judgy & Mean

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organic foodDon't you hate it when you're at the organic food co-op, with your eco-friendly hemp tote, and you're loading up on radicchio, which you don't like but you heard was healthy, and someone sniffs over your merch and she's all, "Oh, you get the organic radicchio? Well, I get the quadruple organic radicchio grown by monks who take a vow of organic celibacy," and you're all, "Whatever!" And then she's like, "Oh, is that a mass-produced hemp tote? My hemp tote was hand-woven by farmers in Chile." And you're all, "Whatever again!" Well, apparently this stuff actually happens because a new study says that people who eat organic are more likely to have holier-than-thou complexes and be more judgmental.

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The study's author separated people into three different groups who were then shown pictures of three different types of foods, and the organic group was much more judgy and preachy. Of course. The author even noted that a lot of organic merchandise is marketed with "moral terminology" such as Honest Tea. Well, that only makes sense. If you're trying to help the environment and be healthy, would you buy a tea called Cheat & Lie Tea? Probably not. Although a 2010 study says that people who buy organic are more likely to cheat and steal. But that doesn't mean they want to announce that with their choice of tea!

People apparently get so hopped up on the contributions they're making to the planet by going "green," that they become "selfish" and "indulge in morally questionable behavior." Like insulting someone's radicchio!

The overall gist here is that people who eat organic are meaner than those who eat "comfort foods" like mac and cheese. Well, yeah, cause people eating radicchio are starving! Just give 'em a nice bowl of mac and they'll chill out, I promise.

Do you think eating organic makes you meaner?


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navyw... navywife0204

the ones that are meaner are probably the ones that can  afford the super expensive organic stuff.  I buy organic when I can (mostly produce) and when I can afford it, but I'm not judgemental about it.

SoJaided SoJaided

LOL the classic one-uppers

nonmember avatar Katie

Well I sure do love being mean and judgy if it means I eat Organic and healthy! Eggs, milk, produce, and meats are all organic in my life....we spend more and eat less

right... rightside

If you're an asshole before going organic, you'll be an asshole afterwards, too.

Lulu425 Lulu425

I feel like this article was written solely for RhondaVeggie.

MsRkg MsRkg

I'm with @rightside on this one. My family and I eat organic and we don't begrude anyone else who doesn't. Your family, your choice. I don't really care about going green, just eating healthy. Quite simple. =]

butte... butterflyfreak

Well, after reading the article that was linked, it doesn't sound like it was a very conclusive study, and rightside has it, well, right in what she said. Really, in my experience, once an asshole, always an asshole.

nonmember avatar Nic

In my experience, the people I've seen shopping at the organic co-op aren't mean, but they are healthy and thin. Their kids are also healthy, well behaved, and happy to eat the fruits and veggies they grew up learning to like.

Melis... Melissa042807

The only thing that drives me crazy about organic-eating people is when they can't shut up about it. You have dinner with them and all they talk about is what's organic and what's not. We do some stuff organic but I don't yammer about it all through dinner. Nobody cares if it's organic - they just care that it's edible!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

I only buy organic if it really makes sense, certain fruits and vegetables carry more toxins than others when sprayed (think broccoli as opposed to bananas).  Eating well and eating healthy is a way of life for us, but when we moved to an area known for being eco-conscious, I was overwhelmed by all the whole-food snobbery, as well as comments regarding my auto (too big) and all the other sanctimony regarding how to live.  Big change from the live & let live (aloha) of Hawaii.  What a turn-off.  There will always be people who need to believe they are better than others, and this is just the latest way to do it.  I wish they'd grow up,

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