2 Men Accused of Throwing Bricks at McDonald’s Because Burgers Didn’t Have Enough Onions

burgersIn today's hilarious "Yes, this actually happened" news -- two hungry men in their early 20s were arrested Sunday after allegedly throwing bricks and concrete at a McDonald's window. The reason for the weighty rebellion? The cheeseburgers they ordered to satisfy their drunken munchies lacked a sufficient amount of onions

The funniest part? It was a delayed reaction. Supposedly the guys picked up their noms, headed home, and "continued to drink beer and get worked up about the cheeseburgers," according to a police report. THEN they went back.

Right, because when your burger's missing that extra crunch -- it's only natural to go back to its source, tear shit up, and injure two employees in the process.


OK, so maybe it's not. I take that back. It's just not. I can sorta relate though, when it comes to wanting the burger that you're paying for just the right way. Heck, nothing's better than a GOOD burger. I too get a little angry when my food comes out the wrong way. I just don't, ya know, throw bricks and stuff.

You know what I'm saying, don't you? Not that I frequent big-time fast food chains often, but when I do go I want whatever calories I'm splurging on to be legit. So much so I have a habit of ordering my sandwiches sans one ingredient. This way, I like to know it's freshly made. With that said, half the time -- the ingredient comes on their anyway. Frustration. Central. 

You've got to admit, though, aside from the injuries this whole alleged brick-chucking over onions thing is a little comical. Out of all of the episodes of fast food rage I've heard about lately, this one seriously takes the cake!

Is this not the craziest thing you've heard all day?


Image via yoppy/Flickr

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