Crazy Fruit Grown in Shape of Juice Box Is Sheer Genius (VIDEO)

camp nectarSo here's something you don't see every day in the supermarket: Fruit in the shape of a juice box! For realz -- someone made that happen. And boxy fruits could be showing up at your local grocery's produce aisle.

Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar grew lemons, guavas, passion fruit, papayas, apples, and oranges all in the shape of juice boxes as part of an ad campaign. I haven't seen them myself but apparently they're out there. Check it out. Oh, and maybe turn the sound down if "Old McDonald" isn't your favorite song.


So yeah, you can't actually punch in a straw and drink directly from the fruit. Also, this is not a cool novelty fruit we can actually buy from now on. It's just a silly stunt to bring home the idea of "real" fruit. I'm sorry, I'm disappointed, too. I was really looking forward to buying some. (I'm KIDDING.) (No I'm not. I really want some.) But anyway, now you know how they did it.

And it's about time someone grew more fruit in a mold, right? I mean, Japan started making those cube watermelons years ago. I was wondering why it hadn't caught on since then. Maybe it's too creepy? Maybe we're just not ready for molded fruit? I don't know, but I'm hoping I catch one of these juice box-shaped guavas next time I'm in the produce aisle.

Would seeing these juice box-shaped fruits make you want to try the juice?


Image via daguitoridrugues/YouTube

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