Severed Finger Found in Arby's Sandwich By Hungry, Unlucky Boy

arby'sA gutsy 14-year-old boy in Michigan really knows his digits. When Ryan Hart bit into an Arby's roast beef sandwich (good call, buddy, those things are delish), he knew right away that the bizarre texture he was experiencing wasn't the typical yummy goodness of undercooked cow. He told the local newspaper that he instantly thought "that's gotta be a finger," and boy, was he sorry to learn he was right.

Apparently, an Arby's employee cut her finger clean off in the meat slicer and headed straight for the emergency room. Thing is, no one really noticed she left, or what had happened, and they continued filling orders. That's when Ryan found out the true meaning of "finger lickin' good" and I'd venture to guess it did not taste like good mood food.


Ryan's mom says he's traumatized by the incident and can't eat or sleep, and man, I don't know if I can blame the poor kid. Eating someone's recently severed finger is not very appetizing.

Then again, he now has an incredible story to share with all the kids at the lunch table. "And then? I was biting into it? And I was like, holy shit, that's a finger!" The lunch crowd will erupt in "eeeews" and "aaaahs" and Ryan's instantly a hero for being the first cannibal in class history.

Arby's issued a requisite statement reassuring customers that they're committed to safety and that this was a totally fluke accident and there's nothing to worry about.

Fine. You guys stay "not worried" but I'm adding Arby's to my list of "Places to Avoid if You Don't-a Like-a the Finger Foods." Currently, the only other establishment on my list is Joey Brooklyn's in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I'm alarmed that the list is actually growing.

What's the grossest thing you've ever found in your food?


Photo via ceiling/Flickr

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