Man Gets Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry & Makes Us Nauseous (VIDEO)

all you can eat

Bill Wisth has a beef with fish fry restaurant Chuck's Place. When he tried to take them up on their "all-you-can-eat" fried fish special, they cut him off after they ran out of fish. The restaurant says they fed Bill some 20 pieces, but Bill feels he had not truly eaten all he could eat. Now he's the lone protester, standing outside Chuck's with a sign reading "False Advertising."

Let me ask you something. When you see the phrase "All You Can Eat!" do you think to yourself, "Great, time to make an ass out of myself and literally shove as much food down my gullet as humanly possible!" Do you think that's what "All You Can Eat" really means?

Apparently Bill does. He took it literally. Way literally. And wait until you hear what else he did.


Dude brought in a friend with him to help him eat! Bill put in just ONE (1 uno) order for the special, but he let his friend have some of his fish. And then he acted all put out when the restaurant told him they were out of fish but that he could have another (more expensive!) dish. That wasn't good enough for Bill. He kicked up a toddler-like fuss and eventually the restaurant had to call the police to have him removed. Now he's banned from Chuck's.

But wait, there's more! The restaurant says he has a running tab there from all the times he showed up, ate, and then turned out to be too broke to pay his bill. They've been letting him eat there anyway -- and Bill had been pushing the restaurant's generosity to the limit.

Geez, it's about time they gave Bill the boot! Hearing this story is like watching someone finally throw out her freeloading bad boyfriend. Chucks! How much longer were you planning to let Bill take advantage of you? SIGH. Details on the gluttony and outrage in this here video.

Do you think people get carried away with "All You Can Eat" specials?


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