Sneaky Ways to Make Hated Vegetables Taste Good

vegetablesWe all know we're supposed to eat vegetables. They should be the staple of any healthy diet -- even the majority of a healthy diet. But what if you simply don't like them? What if your kids don't? What if the very sight of an artichoke or stalk of broccoli makes you wanna holla, "Gimme a slice of cake!"

There's some good news. You can gussy up veggies so that they taste better or you barely even taste them at all. Seems bizarre to me, since I love veggies, but I get it that there are people with veggiephobia.

Here are some ways of getting those veggies down and loving it:


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Green puree. From The Sneaky Chef comes this recipe for a puree of healthy greens like spinach, broccoli, and peas. It can then be baked into lasagna.

Veggie smoothie. One surefire way to make veggies go down quick is to juice them up with some fruit to make a smoothie. This solution from Divas Who Cook has a veggie even I'm not keen on but is one of the healthiest around: Kale. But add fruit like blackberries, and the kale tastes sweet.

Glazed carrots. Nothing like adding brown sugar to your carrots to make 'em more tasty.

Caramelized broccoli. The secret to making even broccoli haters love it? Cooking it at high heat until it caramelizes. Then add some butter and cheese.

Squash pecan casserole. I get not liking squash. But not liking butter nut squash with brown sugar and pecan topping? Impossible!

Do you have any ways to make vegetables taste better?


Image via AndyRobertsPhotos/ Flickr

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