Man Orders Popeye’s Chicken & Finds Heart Still Attached to One Piece (VIDEO)

fried chicken

Ok, I think I need to go ahead and warn you that if you're the slightest bit squeamish, you may want to brace yourself before reading the rest of this post. Because a new video went up on YouTube a couple weeks ago from a man who ordered take out from Popeye's Fried Chicken for his family -- and found a chicken breast with what appears to be a heart, or possibly a liver, still attached to it. (Excuse me -- I can't stop gagging over here.)

In the video, you will see him talking all about the order his wife brought home, and then he pulls out the actual chicken breast and shows off the attached chicken organ, which is all brown and gross looking (not that it's a pretty sight normally) after having survived a rendezvous with the deep fryer. I mean, poultry organs are gross enough as they are, but after they've been shoved into a vat of hot oil? Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.


Without further ado, here is the video. You might want to watch this in close proximity to a restroom.

Ahhhh!!!! Let me guess -- you're never eating fried chicken again, right? Join the club. I actually adopted a no-fried-chicken policy years ago, because I just can't stand the sensation of chewing something off a bone. It makes me feel like some kind of animal, or a cave man or something. I guess eating fried chicken (or any other meat that still has bones) is just way too primal for my liking.

And then there's that whole urban legend about a man biting into a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken and realizing it was a rat. The jury's still out on whether that actually happened, but the thought alone is enough to make me steer clear of anything involving "secret recipes." (Eww!)

Now that I've seen this horror of a chicken story -- I may just stick to salads and vegetarian entrees when ordering take out. The last thing I need is to accidentally bite into a heart.

Have you ever had a horrible take out experience?


Image via JasonDuncan26/YouTube

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