Grilled Cheese Made in the Toaster Is a Mom’s Dream Come True (VIDEO)


This is the greatest invention since sliced bread: A bag that lets you cook a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster. Toastabags. At long last, my dream has come true!

Haven't you always wanted to be able to just pop a cheese sandwich in the toaster? But you can't, of course, because then the cheese would melt inside the toaster and wreck it. You just can't do that.

But now you can. Check it out. Toastabags are the answer to EVERYTHING, I tell you. Behold the genius.


Right? RIGHT?!? That video is bringing sunshine and flowers into my morning like you wouldn't believe. Because if I want a grilled cheese sandwich I have to use a pan. I know it's super easy -- I know. But then after, you have to wash that pan. Again, not a big deal. That is, unless you're a busy mom with a million things to do -- and that's when you find yourself standing in your kitchen thinking, "Aw screw it, I'll just eat this cheese sandwich raw."

I deserve better than a raw cheese sandwich! Technology will find a way. And it has. As one YouTube commenter put it, "Shutup and take my money." (Yes, he wrote "shut up" as one word. Because his brain was short-circuiting with joy.) Oh look, they will take your money. And you will spend more on shipping than on the actual bags. Maybe buy a few extras as stocking stuffers?

Now I can cross "toaster grilled cheese sandwich conundrum" off my list of World Problems to Solve. Up next: Resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Or should I fold the laundry next instead?

Is this something you would use or would you just stick with the tried-and-true pan method?

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Image via BoskaHolland/YouTube


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