7-11 Takes the Sugar & the Fun Out of New 'Diet' Slurpees

slurpeeBig news, Slurpee fans: 7-11 has revealed the new "Slurpee Lite." It's sugar-free, and it comes in mango or wild cherry. Oh man, the 20-year-old me would have flooded all of Provo, Utah with tears of gratitude at the sight of that Slurpee Lite.

I kicked sugar my junior year in college. It wasn't for reasons of skinny -- I just felt like sugar was making me crazy. Too many mood swings and crashes, not enough sleep at night. So I stopped and I felt amazing. Then one fateful day I got a craving for Slurpees. I was overcome with amnesia, forgot all about my sugar ban, and had myself a tall frosty one (Coke, if you must know). An hour later the realization of what I'd done along with the horrific sugar crash sent me into a colossal shame spiral.

If only they'd had sugar-free Slurpees back then. Or maybe they had those saccharine Slurpees already? Anyway, what I'm wondering is which artificial sweetener are they using for Slurpee Lite now?


Because you know it matters. Some artificial sweeteners suck, and some artificial sweeteners are not so bad if all the other ingredients are working. 7-11 is using Splenda, which so far it doesn't look like it'll give you cancer today but it has given lab rats the runs. So maybe restrict yourself to one Slurpee Lite a day.

As for the taste -- I'll leave that up to you artificial sweetener aficionados. All artificial sweeteners taste off to me, but I hear Spenda is "better than the others" and "you get used to it." I guess is this great for all the diabetics out there.

Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned this is just junk food doing a different dance. But we already knew that, right? No one is drinking a Slurpee Light and mistaking it for a fresh, vitamin-rich mango smoothie with no added sweeteners at all. It's for when you're on a road trip and it's boiling hot outside and you're in the mood for something quick, cold, sweet, and crazy-flavored. Guess what I'm totally craving right now.

Are you going to try the new Slurpee Lite?

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Image via BeauGiles/Flickr

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