Pizzeria Bans Rowdy Kids & Leaves Parents With a Bad Taste (VIDEO)

Cappy's PizzaHere we go again with the child-adverse masses out to squelch any sign or sound of youth from their daily lives. Cappy's Pizza in Florida is the latest establishment to jump on the bandwagon by officially banning rowdy kids with a ridiculously patronizing sign right when you walk in the door.

It reads: "Parents for the safety and comfort of everyone if you allow your child to run/scream/or misbehave, party will be asked to leave." Kids are completely banned from the back patio. Talk about giving a parent indigestion before she's even ordered. If I saw a sign like that when I walked into a restaurant -- especially a pizzeria decked out with video games and other stuff that caters to kids -- I'd be walking right back out again.


It's not that I don't think a restaurant has the right to ask a family to leave if they can't control their kids. I don't want to dine next to unruly ruffians (mine included) either, and I empathize with the business owner who says he's had things broken or stolen by out-of-control kids. On Facebook, owner Scooter Gabel wrote, "My dining room goes from being a dining room to a bounce house with the arrival of some families." However, it's the assumption that MOST kids can't be trusted to behave nor can their parents be trusted to handle the situation appropriately that I can't stomach. 

If they want to ask individuals who are disruptive to leave, I'd support them 100 percent, but why the need to insult all parents -- most of whom DO control their children just fine, thank you very much? And why just limit it to children, how about anyone who misbehaves? I've seen plenty of loud, obnoxious (usually drunk) adults disturb my dining experience too.

Yesterday my husband took my mom and me out to a lovely four-course lunch for Mother's Day in a fancy restaurant with lots of champagne and more silverware per place setting than my children had ever seen. Was I nervous that my 3-year-old might get tired and act out in such a setting, or that my 8-year-old would start trouble with her? Sure, but I was also prepared to take them out (or make my husband take them out since it was Mother's Day) at any minute if they did. Guess what? They behaved beautifully during the entire two-hour ordeal (and played a lot of games on the iPhones). Some days it may not have gone like that, but I bristle at the assertion that I as a parent won't handle whatever happens.

Sure there are parents who don't, but in my experience, they are the exception rather than the rule, and the rest of us shouldn't have to be treated like second-class citizens and be warned just because we have children. It's rude and condescending, and frankly, it's bad business.

 Do you think it was rude of this restaurant to put up a sign like this?


Image via ABC

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