Champagne Glass Cupcakes Will Make Mom Feel Like Cinderella

momosaYou have to see this: The "Momosa" cupcake. They're cupcakes that look like mimosas -- and they have tiny bubbles and everything. And those little "MOM" signs there? They're carved out of orange peels. You guys! This is the cutest thing ever.

Now who is making this for me? Anyone? Because this is a perfectly fitting way to spoil a mama on Mother's Day. This is a fairy tale dream treat come true, the kind of sweet that would make any mom feel like a pampered princess.


Wait until you see all the work that goes into making this treat -- check out the Momosa cupcake tutorial. Where are Cinderella's magic mice? Where are the little kitchen fairies who will whip up this sweet dessert just for me?

momosa on a tray

There are loads of scrumptious treats you could spoil a mom with for Mother's Day -- most of them are chocolate and come in a gold foil box. And I just want anyone who is reading this to know that I will gladly accept a box of chocolate on Mother's Day. Chocolates, Momosa cupcakes, cupcakes topped with chocolates, whatever. Just don't ask me to make anything myself. I know I say "I love to cook" all the time, but on Mother's Day, you just have to pretend I'm one of those ladies who stores shoes in her oven.

Here I am, propping my feet up on a pile of silk pillows in anticipation for Sunday. Could you get someone to come in and give me a pedi? And someone pour me a glass of bubbly? Thanks, sugar.

What treat would make you feel like a princess on Mother's Day?


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