My Mother's Day Dream Brunch: Chocolate Cake & No Arguing

chocolate cakeThere's the Mother's Day brunch I'll probably have on Sunday. I'm sure it'll be nice. And then there's the sure-why-not, dream big, fantasy Mother's Day brunch. As in, if money were no object, if anything could happen, what would that brunch look like?

Just for fun, I'm going to tell you about my dream brunch. And it's outrageous.

My family is scattered all over the country, but I'd bring my grandma, mother, mother-in-law, and sisters all together just for this meal. Grandma can't travel in real life but I'd magically teleport us all to a beachside table in Tulum, Mexico. And that's just the beginning.


Needless to say, Ryan Gosling would be our waiter. "Hey girl, our specials today are poached lobster, eggs with smoked trout smothered in salsa, and chocolate cake. Now who's ready for mimosas?" Yes, chocolate cake for brunch. Now let's talk about the weather.

Warm but not hot. No wind. Maybe the teensiest breeze. Not a cloud in the sky. And we get full coverage from our giant umbrella so no one gets that brunch sunburn -- you know, when you eat at an outdoor table partly in the sun and now half your face and one arm are red? That doesn't happen.

Here's the best part: No one argues or says anything passive aggressive!

I know, that's just crazy, right? But a girl can dream. Then William Levy comes over and we all take turns dancing with him. Even Grandma. And all this time I've got my iPhone under the table and I am beating Alec Baldwin at Words With Friends. Another round of mimosas? Don't mind if I do!

What would your fantasy Mother's Day brunch look like?


Image via David Berkowitz/Flickr

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