Forbidden Foods Brides Should Divorce for Good

cupcakeThe phrase "forbidden food" isn't exactly in my vocabulary, unless you count something like processed garbage that has hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. Even then, I wouldn't go so far as to say those are "forbidden" ... I just steer clear of them as much as humanly possible. I tend to think that when you label something "forbidden," you're just asking for trouble, setting yourself up to fail.

However -- in the next year leading up to my wedding day, I'm finding more and more that there are foods I'm steering clear of. That are mostly -- whether or not I want to call them this -- becoming somewhat, well, forbidden. Or at least ... I'm thinking of them as having landed into that tiny little spot at the very top of the old food pyramid -- in the "eat very sparingly" category. And while some of my faves definitely fall into that category, plenty don't.


My "NO"s -- or at least the "not all the time"s -- include some of the most obvious vices (and most delicious foods) around. Like sugar. Booze. Beer. White bread ... white pizza crust. (Mmmm.) Basically empty carbs. I'm the last person on earth to rail out against carbs, but the bottom-line with foods like these is clear. The more you eat, the harder it'll be to get down to that perfect wedding dress size. And while I've always tsk-tsk'ed celebs or anyone who thinks that cutting out gluten is some kind of diet fad, I'm also doing my best to limit gluten-packed foods. There definitely is research showing that it can cause inflammation, which can lead to thyroid problems, and in turn, weight resistance. Not to mention bloat, which is bad news for a bride at any point in her wedding timeline! Goodbye, occasional cupcake at work ... Sniff.

The good news is that there are plenty of "YES" foods that, as far as this bride's concerned, can do no harm. Sure, vegans have a field day telling us all that dairy is evil, but research also shows yogurt can be slimming, so serve me up some fro yo! And dark chocolate = endorphins = built-in stress relief (for dealing with the mothers of the bride and groom!). And you know, about that alcohol ... a little glass of red wine here and there never hurt anyone. Or a mojito, with fresh muddled fruit. Hey, antioxidants to ward off illness!

Sure, as I get closer to The Big Day, I may get stricter, but for now, the best way to get to my perfect aisle-walking size seems to be to indulge in (most) of the foods I love in moderation.

What foods were/are "forbidden" for you leading up to your wedding day?


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