List of Best Burger Cities in America Makes Us Wanna Move South

burgerIf you've got some spare time, an unlimited gas card, and an appetite for juicy, delicious burgers, then this list is right up your alley. Travel & Leisure polled their readers and came up with the top 20 burger towns in America. Everything from fancy-shmancy burgers made with a blend of filet mignon, short ribs, and brisket to sliders covered in onion rings and homemade ketchup has been cataloged and covered. These places definitely won't disappoint if you're looking for a place to indulge your wildest burger fantasies.

So which cities made the cut?


1. Providence, RI
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Chicago, IL
4. Houston, TX
5. San Juan, PR
6. San Diego, CA
7. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
8. Kansas City, MO
9. New York City
10. Los Angeles
11. Denver, CO
12. Savannah, GA
13. Austin, TX
14. Memphis, TN
15. Nashville, TN
16. Las Vegas, NV
17. New Orleans, LA
18. San Antonio, TX
19. Portland, ME
20. Seattle, WA

Interesting that Providence was number one and that San Juan was number five, right? Who knew. Apparently Rhode Islanders can't get enough of burgers with locally-sourced products. Nothing says "yummy" quite like meat from a cow slaughtered only miles away. I'm serious.

And San Juan made the list because of one awesome burger joint: El Hamburger, a shack on the shore (aaaah). Combining meat, cheese, and ocean spray should be a priority for anyone's beach vacation.

No surprise that Houston and Los Angeles are in the top 10. I mean, for one, everything's bigger in Texas, and for two, the city that invented In 'n Out Burger has gotta produce some great grub.

Long and short of it is, if you're looking for a wonderful burger experience, head south. That region seems a cut above the rest when it comes to ground beef between two buns -- 8 of the 20 cities on the list fall below the Mason Dixon.

Where's your favorite city to get a burger?


Photo via scaredy kat/Flickr

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