5 Foods That Quench Your Thirst Are a Godsend for Busy Moms

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Summer is just around the corner (Please?? Hurry!!) and you know what that means. Yep. Lots of sweat. Lots of running around, carrying the groceries in one arm, the kid in the other, with the dog tied around your ankle. It's important to keep yourself hydrated during the soaring temps.

Here's are 5 quick, easy, and quenchable recipes from FitSugar and others that will have your skin glowing, your insides sloshing, and your energy level raging like a white-capped river.

Mexican Fig & Radish Dish. Figs are yummy, healthy, and hydrating. But who knows what kind of dish to put them in? Now you do.

Cucumber and Baked Tofu. I'm a huge tofu fan. And cucumbers are extremely hydrating. The bonus here is that you can use the leftover cucumber skins to put on your puffy eyelids.

Melon Mocktail. Melon is super quenching, and this smooth concoction also contains apple, cantaloupe, and celery. It's a mocktail, which means there's no booze, so feel free to serve it up to the kiddies. And if you want one for yourself after their bedtime, I have one word for you: Vodka.

Watermelon Salad. I personally think there is no more hydrating food on the planet than watermelon. It's got "water" in the name, after all! Add in feta and mint, and I'm off to make this ASAP!

Watermelon & Tomato Salad. Watermelon is so thirst-quenching, I had to add it twice, this time with that absolute staple of summer: tomatoes.

After you make a few of these hydrating recipes, take a swim. You'll never be thirsty again!

What are your favorite foods that quench your thirst as well as satisfy your hunger?


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nonmember avatar S

Because it's SO difficult to drink water. I.wish there was a container of some sort to make water portable.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Seriously? Get "hot house" tomatoes? It's SUMMER! Maybe spring for the ones at the farmers market that are actually grown OUTDOORS and in DIRT and not in water!

CLM3345 CLM3345

The tofu cucumber looks so good.

mamivon2 mamivon2

all of them. sound sooo yummy

Mandago Mandago

LMAO at the first comment! I know, I've always wished there was a way to take water with me when I go places!

starr... starreyedcutie

Watermelon and fruit salad...also cucumbers :)

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