6 Treats That Would Win McDonald's 'Olympics' Menu the Gold

mcdonaldsSo McDonald's will be a sponsor for the Olympics as usual this summer, and we're all feeling a certain way about that. Is it helpful to have a McDonald's right smack dab in the middle of the Olympic village? Um... we'll leave that tricky question up to the athletes' trainers. What I'm wondering is what they'll actually be serving at the Official Olympic McDonald's.

No official word on that yet, but we are getting a few hints. McDonal's Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut says this McD's will have "the broadest menu ever offered." But the rest is a surprise. Here's what I think would be fun to see.


Apparently a new McDonald's in Australia has an Olympics-themed menu with a "Barcelona Omelette." That sounds like the classic Spanish dish with eggs and potatoes. And the "Sydney Stack" burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and pineapple. I think that's something I want to try making at home.

In Japan they get a shrimp burger called an "EBI Fillet-O." It sounds like a small electronic part you'd need to install cable TV in your home, but nope. It's shrimp burger and it comes with a spicy sauce. That sounds tasty. And guess who else likes shawarma? It's on the McDonald's menu in Egypt. And I think it would be fab on the Olympic menu.

What about the elusive McRibster? I mean, how could they NOT serve that? It has that crazy cult following. And then the cute little McBites. Maybe they'll bring those two back just for fun. Fruit smoothies sound perfect for summer.

Or maybe they'll come up with a few all-new treats. Passion fruit and mango salad! Quinoa with kale! Sweet potato fries! Okay, I'm totally dreaming now. I dare you, McDonald's. I dare you to make kale mainstream. That's your Olympic challenge.

What do you think should be on the Olympic McDonald's menu?


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