5 Easy Ways to Use Lettuce Before It Goes Bad

Lettuce is one of those food staples you always buy and then a few days later, it sits there beginning to brown and wither in the fridge, and you're like, "Why did I buy that?"

Still, you hate to  throw away a perfectly good bag or head of lettuce. That would be wasteful. So here find 5 ways of using up that lettuce!


Salad. This is probably the most obvious use of lettuce. What would a salad be without lettuce? But salad can be so boring, amiright? Plus, it can be darn near impossible to get the little ones to eat salad, unless there's macaroni and cheese on top. But we want a healthy salad the kids can eat! So check out this 24-Hour Salad. It's even got sugar and bacon in it.

Coleslaw. Toss some lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and other ingredients into the blender. Here's an easy recipe.

Lettuce wraps. You can take pretty much anything -- chicken strips, tuna, shrimp -- and wrap it in salad leaves. Hold it together with a toothpick.

Lettuce sandwiches for you. If you're watching your calories, a lettuce sandwich is a great way to get your lunch without the carbs. Smear some hummus or tuna over a thick piece of lettuce instead of a slice of bread.

Lettuce sandwiches for the kids. Desperate to get the tykes to eat more greens but they just won't do it? Smear a thick piece of lettuce with peanut butter or Nutella. They won't even notice the veggie.

Still got lettuce left over? Damn that lettuce! Take the remaining leaves or the root, crush it up, walk into your yard, and toss the rest into the woods for the rabbits.

Did we miss any creative uses for lettuce here?


Image via hulagway/Flickr

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