Here’s a Wine That’s Got ‘Mom’ Written All Over It (VIDEO)

mommy juiceI have something to confess: My husband taught my son how to say, "Glass of wine, Mommy?" when I got frazzled at the end of the day. There's just something about dealing with the little people that drives you to drink sometimes. Not that we're hitting the bottle after every tantrum! We're just fantasizing about hitting the bottle after every tantrum.

So finally there's a wine for that: Mommy Juice Wine. Yes, they finally got around to bottling maternal angst. And I'm not sure how I feel about it. No, actually, I do know how I feel about it: Embarrassed and thrilled. Both.


A sample bottle floated into my life last week so I got to try this aptly-named wine. And it's not bad! Seriously, for an eight-dollar wine you can pick up at Target, it's pretty darn good. So yay, an inexpensive and widely-available wine we can depend on! I'll drink to that.

The embarrassed part? Oh man, you guys got me! I'm one of those moms who sometimes looks at the clock thinking, "If I can just hold on until 5:00, I can have a little something to take the edge off ..." But do we really need a wine with that idea blaring across the label? No ... but it's kind of funny that it's out there. Mommy Juice is just keeping it real for us.

Founder Cheryl Durzy was already in the wine biz for years before she came up with the idea. It was her two kids, actually, who would point and say, "Look, Mommy juice!" every time they saw a bottle of wine.

But it's not just about unwinding after a crazy week. It's also treating yourself with something nicer than those last five chocolate chips you found in the back of the cupboard. Well anyway, I'll let the music do the talking for me. Here's to Mom's Night Out.

Love the cute husband who takes the kids for the night so Mom can have a night out with her friends! And if you're into that sort of thing, here's a review from Stay Rad Wine Blog. Synopsis: Good value for the price. That's what we love.

Do you ever have a little wine or other drinks to help you unwind?


Image via Mommy Juice Wines

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