Hungry Food Truck Customers Give Rude Line Cutter What He Deserves (VIDEO)


food truckHungry people are NOT to be trifled with. Hungry New Yorkers, especially -- as this absolutely hilarious video proves. 

The premise is brilllliant: Anderson Cooper hired an actor to cut some of the super long lines at NYC's most popular food trucks and set up hidden cameras to catch people's reactions.

Famished, displaced, indignant people who probably needed to be back at work 10 minutes ago, I might add.

Not surprisingly, they were not all that pleased with the actor.

Responses ranged from "Seriously?" to "That's not cool, man" to "You're an a**hole!"

But nobody decked the guy, which I thought was fairly impressive ... possibly because his particularly brand of "rude" was really funny.

"Sorry, I'm just sooo hungry," he explained to one group. When they shot back with "we are, too," he nodded sympathetically. "I know," he said, as if their hunger, while problematic, was completely unrelated to his own hunger (more problematic).

Gotta give this actor credit for being crazy brave! Hell hath no fury like a New Yorker forced to wait for a hot dog.

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What would you do if somebody cut in front of you while you were waiting in line at a food truck?

Image via Huffington Post

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Susie19 Susie19

Umm..yeah I'd be pissed!

Todd Vrancic

I'm 6'4" and look like I played football (unless you count touch with our kids, I didn't), although I'm out of shape.  I would simply tap him on the shoulder and inform him nicely that "The line forms at the rear, sir."  Nice works wonders when people look at you and don't expect nice.  I also sport a full beard and mustache and wear my hair in a ponytail. 

Melva Ronan

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mamivon2 mamivon2

I be looking around for cameras

jessi... jessicasmom1

I would be furious .. he would be in the back of the line

nonmember avatar ugh

I woulda shoved his ass out of line.

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