Sandra Lee vs. Martha Stewart: It’s the Battle of the Food Divas

martha stewart sandra leeIs Sandra Lee the new Martha Stewart? Both are major food personalities. Both have shoulder-length, golden hair. And both have the same taste in dresses! They've been seen wearing the same Marchesa beaded white and gold tunic. With matching golden slippers, no less!

But this post isn't about their twinsies style. It's about their twinsies careers: From housewife to food diva. Does Sandra Lee really have what it takes? Those are some big shoes to fill. Big, hand-painted, kumquat-infused, marzipan shoes using only the best ingredients. And we all know what Sandra Lee is all about. The exact opposite. The next Martha could actually be the Anti-Martha.


Martha Stewart built her empire on her tireless DIY ethic, as in, who needs sleep when every single one of these birds' nest Easter cupcakes needs to be absolutely perfect? She's famous for her exacting standards. Gorgeous frosted cakes, pouffy souffles, flawlessly flaky pies. She either inspires you -- or fills you with despair, envy, and loathing. There's virtually no middle ground with her.

Sandra Lee, on the other hand, is all about shortcuts. She's here to make you feel less guilty about your dump-and-stirring ways. Natural ingredients? Good taste? Giving a shit about quality? Who cares! Have you seen her "tablescapes"?

Okay, I guess now you know which one I like better. I'm not going to pander to the Semi-Homemade fans. I truly despise her approach to food. It gives me sour stomach. But I also know that people who are new to cooking, pressed for time, and have to count every penny appreciate what she has to offer. There will always be a place at the table for people like Sandra Lee.

And the woman is uber-ambitious. Just like Martha. There's a whole media empire to climb, beyond food shows and books. There are magazines, tableware, kitchen accessories, craft kits. I think there's room in the world for both of these ladies -- even if they end up wearing the same dress.

Do you think Sandra Lee could become as big as Martha Stewart?

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