Fast Food Lies II: Meals That Disappoint in Real Life

Adriana Velez | May 9, 2012 Food & Party

 chef's choiceIt's time for another round of Fast Food Lies! A while back we tried this with just a handful of fast food -- we compared the advertisement pictures with the real thing to see how they measure up for Fast Food Lies I. No one really expects their burgers to look exactly like they do in the commercial. But when you see those luscious pictures, get the craving, and then finally cave and buy the snack, wouldn't it be nice if they actually at least vaguely resembled what you've been fantasizing about?

That's what we think. Check out these 8 fast food snacks to see which ads come close -- and which ones are just lyin' to you!

  • Burger King Crispy Chicken Wrap


    Burger King/Adriana Velez

    That shy crispy chicken wanted to hide! It's small. But what do you expect for a dollar? Anyway, thanks to this cross section, we can verify that there is indeed chicken in there.

  • Burger King Chef's Choice Burger


    Burger King/Adriana Velez

    This is clearly a smaller version of what we were promised. And yet, our tasters here at The Stir were most impressed with this burger. I think I should add that they made me wait for this one at BK. As in, I waited around for almost 5 minutes while the thing actually cooked in the grill. And I got regular updates from the employees. Hmm, I think maybe this burger needs to be taken a little more seriously.

  • Taco Bell Doritos Loco Taco


    Taco Bell/Adriana Velez

    Such a brilliant idea -- such a soggy reality. To be fair, I did end up carrying this thing around for about an hour. So my advice -- eat the thing on the spot immeds. That said, it was also kind of skinny and it definitely did not come in a chips bag. This taco needs more stuffing.

  • KFC Chicken Pot Pie


    KFC/Adriana Velez

    Yeah ... much as I love those retro Starsky & Hutch commercials, this is one lackluster item. I could not, I mean COULD NOT, talk anyone in the office into trying it, either. It's nice and deep, though. No scrimping on the blah here.

  • McDonald's Chicken McBites


    Sadly, the McBites are no longer at McDonald's. But as you can see here, they weren't nearly as golden in real life as they were in advertisements. The Stir staff loved 'em anyway, though.

  • McDonald's McRib


    Alas, the McRib and its cousin the McRibster have gone the way of the Dodo Bird. Were they even ribs? Not so much. But at least they delivered exactly what we see in the advertisement. Perfect match for that sauce color, and looks like there's plenty of it, too. But is that a good thing -- or is this a sandwich you'd want to hide from?

  • Wendy's Baconator


    Wendy's/Adriana Velez

    The real Baconator doesn't quite stack up against the ad Baconator. It's almost like an elephant stomped on the poor thing. Bacon looks decent, though.

  • Wendy's "W" Burger


    Wendy's, Adriana Velez

    Hmm, not bad! The bun doesn't have that just-outta-the-oven glow and it's definitely shorter, but it's not far off. This one comes pretty close, actually.

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