Cheap Tipper Who Left 2 Cents Makes a Great Point

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my 2 centsThere are some awfully mean tippers out there -- like the jerk who left nothing but a note saying "you could stand to lose a few pounds."

And now here's the scolding "my 2 cents" tipper. This is a customer who left a handwritten lecture and two pennies as a tip. The note got posted to Reddit:

Waitressing 101. Don't tell every customer you're very busy, to excuse your lack of serving skills. Your job is to attend to us, not make us feel like we're an inconvenience. A little bit of personal attention goes a long way in the form of a tip. Just my 2 cents.

Now obviously this was an obnoxious thing to do. If a server tells you they're busy, it's probably because they're beyond the point of just busy and have reached the OMG We're Way Understaffed Desperation Zone. It happens -- management is cutting corners and not hiring enough waitstaff. Or you get slammed with more customers than usual. Or people call in sick at the last minute. And maybe this was just a way for a harried server to let her table know why they weren't getting the service she thought they deserved.

It's also important to remember that servers' wages are on the low side because restaurant owners know they're getting tips.

But the mean tipper has a point.

Maybe tips are for people who know how to finesse a bad situation, not just manage it. A restaurant should be very busy. And as just about any server will tell you, half of the job is learning the art of soothing impatient customers. It's about smiling, making people feel welcome, saying, "I'll be right with you, so sorry to make you wait" instead of "Phew, I'm so busy!" Even in the worst circumstances. That's how you get that little extra sugar from your customers: By pouring a whole lot on them.

Anyway, clearly the server on the other end of this "tip" was angry -- probably too angry to pick up on any lesson. No one likes a lecture. But just because the messenger is a jerk doesn't mean their message can't still be valuable. Taking in this customer's "2 cents" could make the server a lot more money in the future.

Do you still tip even when you think the service was bad?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

why on earth would i? a tip is a gratuity - for performing a job well! if you don't do your job well, i don't tip you. i'm not a total grinch either... everyone starts with a clean slate with me at 15% (which is still standard, i don't know why people make up new arbitrary numbers but meh). if you're awesome, i bump it up to 20%. if you don't do well (my cup sits empty for an extended period of time, i have to track you down to ask for something, etc) then i will slowly deduct from that 15%.

if you're my server and you get less than 15%, you have no one to blame but yourself. i understand being busy, but it's still the service industry.

nonmember avatar Linda

I always leave at least 15% even if it's horrible because I know in the state I live in (Georgia) servers only make $2.13 an hour.

miche... micheledo

We have only left nothing one time.  We received NO service.  Someone (I think one of the cooks) else brought our food out (COLD food).  We sat, not eating it for 45 minutes before someone came by.  Then our waiter came with our bill and turned to walk away without saying a word to us!!!  When we talked to a manager (with untouched food sitting on our plate) he looked at is, confused, and asked what we wanted him to do about it.  He took one order of french fries off our bill.  We paid and have NEVER gone back.

Otherwise, when service is poor, we leave 15%.  Good service, we leave 20%.

Tracy Peterson Taylor

I have had servers say that, and it was very frustrating. But one followed up "I'm so busy, I can't believe it," with "Isn't that amazing? We're so happy to have such a great crowd in here tonight." I don't know about anyone else, but that was such a positive statement for probably wanting to tell us all to take a hike!

11yrdiff 11yrdiff

Agree whole heartedly with dirtiekittie.

nonmember avatar Kc

Obviously none of you have ever worked in customer service. That server has to tip out a busser, a food runner, and a bartender.. So they just paid to wait on you. And maybe we should give people the benefit of the doubt and not judgement. Anyone who leaves a leacture and a .2cent tip and makes the server pay to wait on them is a self-entitled uncompassionate person. Servers are people!!!! No server wants to upset a me. It does not benefit them in anyway shape or form to have an upset guest on their hands. If it's slow and they forget you that's one thing... but be observant.. are other guest running them? Are you and your friends ordering in unison or sending them off for something everytime they approach your table??? Kindness gets you Kindness.

nonmember avatar Jennie

As a server - sometimes a little understanding goes along way - look around - are they running their butts off? Are they really trying? Realize every server can have an off day and it wasn't personal. The worst is people who complain to get free food - and there are a lot of them out there (not refering to your experience micheledo) when they don't get what they want they make stuff up to add to the issue. Thank about it when you do this - I have seen people loose their jobs because of the lies. Most servers have to work two jobs to pay the bills, be thankful if you only do one.

Be honest, and i hope you get the best experience possible.

missusmc missusmc

I always leave a tip.  Always.  If service is bad, you need to tell a manager.  If you are eating out at a restaurant that has servers, that person deserves a tip, regardless of whether or not you find that person "deserving" of said tip.  Servers often have to share tips with the hosts, bartenders, and food expediters.  They do make anywhere from 2 to 2.50 an hour base pay.  No one's getting rich while serving (except in really upscale places).  EVERYONE has bad days.  I can guarantee that if a server IS having a bad day, receiving a note and 2 cents makes it exponentially worse!   Show a little grace and kindness when eating out :)

dearg76 dearg76

Tips are what you give a server for doing a good job. I had a waitress who took our order, then went and took a break before turning it in. The restaurant was slow there were several waiters/waitresses just standing around. 15 mins goes by and we don't even have drinks, I flag someone down and they tell my sever will be right with us and tries to leave. My husband doesn't let him, tells him we placed our order and don't even have drinks. We finally got the drinks and food after 45 mins (still not busy, we and 4 other tables were there). Our sever never even came back to the table, we saw her talking at the bar, talking with other servers, going into the back. I didn't leave her a tip. I went up to the other server, the one that did her job, and gave him the tip. My husband left her a note telling her that she wouldn't be getting a tip from us as she didn't work for it, and that we gave it to the person who did go out of his way to take care of us.

the4m... the4mutts

Hell No.

Servers in california are paid above minimum wage on average, and some make OUTSTANDING wages.

So if you're getting fair wage, and you're suckish at your job, ain't no way I'm tipping. I'm most likely going to complain.

The word T.I.P. means To Insure Promptness. People used to tip BEFORE they ordered. Now that waitstaff feels entitled to this tip, we tip based on if they were prompt, did the best they could, and didn't spill hot coffee in my lap.

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