Koala Burgers Are Now Off the Menu (VIDEO)

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koalaNo more koala burgers for you, Australia! We know koalas as those sweet, teddy bear-looking creatures who nibble eucalyptus leaves while their little baby koalas cling onto their fur. Cuuute! But for eaters Down Under, koala is lunch. Believe it or not, koala meat is an Australian delicacy.

But not for long. The Australian parliament has just voted to put the koala on the threatened species list. Did the Australians eat too many koala steaks?

It looks like climate change and urban expansion were the biggest culprits in wiping out Australia's koalas. And people's pet dogs kept killing them, believe it or not.

But Australians have been known to nosh a koala or two. They also eat crocodile and kangaroo tail (ask our senior lifestyle editor Catherine Donaldson, who visits family there). It's just another form of protein. Adorable, fuzzy, funny-nosed protein. Looks like the Chinese will eat koala, too. It's been seen on a menu there.

As far as I'm concerned, a lot of delicious animals are cute (bunnies!). I'm more freaked out by the eucalyptus flavor koalas probably have. If that's all they eat, wouldn't their meat have kind of a menthol bouquet? Does eating koala clear your sinuses?

Anyway, now that the koala is on the endangered list, I guess I'll never find out. Which is fine. Koala wasn't on my list of "exotic animals I'd like to eat someday." Actually, I don't have an "exotic animals I'd like to eat someday" list, but sometimes I wonder if I should. Maybe I'm missing out on something great. I mean, if people smoke menthol cigarettes ...

Would you ever try koala meat if you had the chance?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

aww these animals are so cute ... I could never eat them!

tonip... toniperoni

where on earth do you get your information? I lived in Australia for 27 years and never once heard of anyone even joking about eating a koala. Koalas have been a protected species for a very long time, and unless your one of 3 or 4 place with a special permit you cannot even hold one, much less hunt farm or sell one for eating.

I have only been looking at this website for a month and I have to say it is the most useless source of biased information I have ever come accross. The articles are based on hearsay the titles often have nothing to do with fact and some articles are just plain mean.

Goodbye "the stir" this is the last time I'm reading you

nonmember avatar Stephanie Jones

How ridiculous. I am Australian and I cant let you know that we do not and have never eaten koalas!

We do eat kangaroo meat. They aren't endangered though and despite being native, are actually considered pests in some places.

Net1957 Net1957

I wouldn't eat a koala;  in fact I am thisclose to becoming a vegetarian!

nonmember avatar Anonymous

I live in Australia and I can assure you koala is NOT eaten. I'm also curious about where you heard that one.

nonmember avatar Kayla

just asked my australian friend, she's never heard of anyone eating a koala! she's heard of crocodile before (as i, an american, have heard of eating alligator) but NEVER koala.

mamivon2 mamivon2

Heck no.. Did you know that the swiss people eat horses.. I remember going to our small town market with my parents and they had horse meat for sale

EarthLion Waratah

No more Koala Pie?! - That's what the children asked us in unison with shocked expressions when we told them. It broke our hearts seeing their upset little faces when we told them that for they love the flavour of Koala. And the Koala oil, my wife loved it being rubbed on her skin as part of our erotic adventures.

Life just won't be the same without the consumption of Koala and we definitely won't afford it at black market prices.

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