Cinco de Mayo Tequila: What Kind Should You Buy? (PHOTOS)

Tequila Taste TestThere are few things I adore more than a holiday where drinking tequila is not only suggested, but encouraged. That's probably why I'm pumped for Cinco de Mayo this Saturday. Well that, and my undeniable obsession with pico de gallo.

If you're like me, you're anxiously gathering your celebratory necessities and can't help but wonder: Is it WORTH splurging and buying the better, more expensive brands? If so, is there a difference in taste? Heck -- you better believe that generally, if I'm going to shell out $60 for a bottle of liquor, it's gotta taste ah-maz-ing.

Well shoot! Wonder no more, today's your lucky day! Yup, your trusty friends here at The Stir did some investigating. For research purposes ONLY, we saddled up and tried three different tequilas in three different price points.

Would we be able to taste the difference? Or is that something only the morning after can tell you? Read on to find out:


Tequila Taste Test at The Stir

First things first, the contenders. From least expensive to most expensive, we tasted Jose Cuervo Especial ($14.99), Cazadores Reposado ($24.99), and Patron Anejo ($35.99). Keep in mind, things here in The Big Apple are a little more pricey, on average. All tasters were left in the dark as to which tequilas we were tasting.

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First up in our test? The priciest. The consensus on the Patron was positive. Went down "pretty smooth" and had a bit of a "grassy, herbal taste." Many of our tasters agreed that they could see themselves sipping this ice cold.

The Cuervo was next. After sipping, it seemed that everyone enjoyed the "delicious smokey flavor." In fact, everyone just really enjoyed it. Yup, the cheapest one seems to be the front runner.

As for the Cazadores? Well, phrases including "this tastes like college shots at the frat house," and "tequila flavored vodka" were uttered. Eeeech. Boasting a hard-hitting POW, a friend of ours from Mamas Latinas mentioned that in Mexico, this is the tequila that often does ya dirty. You know, that kind. Thanks, but no thanks.

The final result? Surprisingly, our tasters liked the cheapest one the best. Trust me, if we had the sort of budget to go for Don Julio, I have a feeling that wouldn't necessarily be the case. I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what that means for the hangover!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

Do you have a favorite brand of tequila? Were you surprised by our results?


Images via Emily Abbate

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