Mango Salsa & 6 Other Fabulous Cinco de Mayo Ideas (VIDEO)

fish tacosBuenas tardes everyone, Cinco de Mayo is this Saturday. Time to grill up some fajitas, open up a jar of salsa, pour some Coronas ... But before you trot out the same ol' same ol', why not plan something new?

We've rounded up some Cinco de Mayo deliciousness that will take you a little off the beaten calle. How about a surprising salsa, four flavorful mains, and three spectacular desserts? Here's a whole menu of Cinco de Mayo fiesta ideas you'll love.


Mango Salsa. Okay, the English accent kind of spoils the mood, true. But this is still a great idea. FYI, "coriander" is the same thing as cilantro.

Baja-Style Fish Tacos. Use that mango salsa to top your fresh, springy fish tacos. And here's why Marcela Valladolid's recipe is Cinco-licious: There's beer in that batter.  

Chicken Tostadas. Here's another great recipe from Marcela. Crunchy tostadas (which are kind of a challenge to eat without all the lettuce and tomatoes falling off every time you take a bite) are old-fashioned Mexican-American fun. Party for your mouth! And you can use a rotisserie chicken, so this is ridic easy.

Fiesta Pork Tacos. Aaron Sanchez's slow cooker recipe is kind of loco, but in a good way. You add lemon-lime soda to the pork! It could work.

Super Sopes. We used to eat these when I was a kid. Look how cute! They're like little bean-filled boats.

Margarita Cupcakes. And now for dessert. I just had a beer cupcake this weekend, so I'm thinking tequila cupcakes? Si, se puede! (Um, that's "yes we can!")

Spice Rum and Ginger Flan. Helloooo gorgeous. Flamboyant Eats posts a flan recipe on Fridays, so you have lots of flan choices on this blog. (So much flim-flannery.) But this one looks especially exciting. 

Salted Margarita Cream Pops. If frozen Margaritas had a fling with White Russians, these little numbers are what might pop out.

Do you ever celebrate Cinco de Mayo? What do you like to make?

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