Mummy Made of McDonald's Food Will Haunt Us Forever (VIDEO)

mcmummySome people like to play with their food. Most of those people are children and it's our job to make them stop building that mashed potato mountain and just eat, for crying out loud.

And then there's Ben Campbell. He made a whole mummy out of McDonald's food.

That's right, a mummy. Remember all that fuss about the cheeseburger that refused to decay? Well, Ben took about $200 worth of McDoubles and French fries to create the full-sized mummy you see here. MMMM DELICIOUS IMMORTAL BELOVED.


"But that doesn't look like burgers and fries!" you may be saying to yourself. That's because he took the McFood, pureed it all in a blender, poured it into a mold, and used a little resin to keep it all stuck together. And we have eternity to find out how long this McMummy lasts before it decays!

Now I know the non-rotting hamburger myth has been debunked. According to A Hamburger Today, it's the size and surface of the burger, not all the chemicals, that keep it from rotting. Fine. You guys are no fun at all.

But Ben's just here for laughs. Really, scroll down after all the artist's statement mumbo-jumbo (I get to say that because I live with an artist) and you'll get to: "If we don't learn to laugh at ourselves future generations are going to do it for us." And that's what this is all really about. Just a some harmlessly hilarious self McMockery.

How long do you think this McDonald's mummy will last?


Image via memeticengineering/YouTube

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