Drew Barrymore Will Need Wine Glasses, Not Bottles for Her New 'Baby'

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drew barrymoreDrew Barrymore may have yet to confirm rumors that she's pregnant with her first baby (with fiance Will Kopelman) sometime soon, but she has given birth to something completely different that sounds delightful ... and intoxicating! The star has come out with her own wine!

Barrymore 2011 Pinot Grigio is already available in Cali (obviously -- those spoiled winos!), but it's coming to New York next month (yay!). And beyond the fact that it has Drew's name on it, it sounds like the bottle is totally worth the hype. Get this: It won a gold medal earlier this month at France's biggest international wine competition. YUM! And I was psyched to try it based strictly on the fact that Barrymore had a hand in creating it!

I know, I know -- how totally lame. But, come on, the celebs still deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to getting their feet wet in the wine biz. Don't hate just cause their day job is in Hollywood!

See, Drew is in good company. Dave Matthews recently came out with his own wines, and having watched his "behind-the-scenes" videos, he really seems to know what he's doing. And I personally love Francis Ford Coppola's reds. (For a straightforward red table wine, try his Rosso! Super-drinkable!) It seems to me that for these A-listers, wine happens to be one of their passions. So why should we begrudge them the chance to try their hand at it?

Drew's partner at Barrymore Wines explains the actress's involvement:

She herself is a pinot grigio drinker, and she created a wine reflecting her style. Drew made numerous trips to Italy, spent time with the facility, and was involved with the wine at every level.

Awesome. As for Drew's award-winning Pinot Grigio itself -- the promo materials say it "reflects her style and personality: fresh, dynamic, and fun." Sign me up! I bet it would pair just perfectly with vanilla cupcakes or a delightful mahi mahi! (Drew is a Pisces, after all.)

Here's a pic of the bottle from her forthcoming website ...

drew barrymore wine

Yeah, clearly, I'm excited. And I'll be honest. It doesn't hurt that Drew is so likable. I wish only the best for her ... Only bummer: If the preggers rumors are true, I guess Drew herself won't be partaking of her sweet libation anytime soon?

Would you try Drew Barrymore's wine?


Images via Jason Merritt/Gett Images & BarrymoreWines.com

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Weddi... WeddingShoes

Drew still looks so beautiful :)

nonmember avatar A

Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle has his own vinyard and owns caduceus.com.

I want to try some of his wine, but I'd have to find a shop that sells it in Texas.

I read that he started a vineyard so that he could pass a business down to his kids.

To me, that's awesome. Another neat fact, the vineyard is in Arizona!

nonmember avatar Bakeaholic

I would totally try this wine! Especially if it won a gold medal! Will it be sold throughout the U.S.?

MIA0223 MIA0223

Isn't she an alcoholic?

nonmember avatar B

@MIA, aren't u a bitch?

RaeAn... RaeAnne.USAF

@MIA would you trust anyone else to make the best wine? Lol

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