Chef Accidentally Stabs Herself to Death With Kitchen Knife

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knife accidents in kitchenYou may think this story out of Malaysia sounds suspicious, and I admit I did too. Cynthia Tan Kian Hoon, a chef at work on breakfast, apparently slipped with a six-inch knife and stabbed herself in the ribs, killing herself rather quickly. Her son and another worker in the restaurant reportedly ran to her when they heard the screams, and she collapsed and lost consciousness. Apparently the chef had hit a major artery and bled out quickly in front of her son and co-worker.

Those witnesses, and the fact that my husband cuts himself accidentally almost every time he's in the kitchen, make me truly believe this was a freak accident rather than a shoddily covered up murder.

Which makes me think we all could use a lesson in knife safety around here, yes?

1) Always Cut Away From Your Body, Never Towards

I know this is an easy one to forget, especially when you're in a hurry in the kitchen. But this is the main way we can hurt ourselves.

2) If You Drop a Knife, Get Out of the Way

Never try to catch the knife on its way down, and also move your feet. This is a lesson I've learned after my husband sliced his toe open. Yep, his toe.

3) Keep Your Knives Sharp

It may seem counterintuitive, but you use a lot less effort if you have a sharp knife. Less effort means less force behind a blade coming straight at you if you slip and/or forget rule #1.

4) Use the Right Knife

Never grab a bread knife when cutting meat, and vice versa. Although a "meat knife" isn't actually a thing. Using the right knife for the job means an easier time of slicing and, again, having to use less force.

Have you ever had a bad accident in the kitchen?


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sarah... sarahzizi

Sounds fishy. If she's a professional chef, she should be properly trained. But freak accidents do happen. I hope it's looked into deeper.

nonmember avatar Lord K

Uh-huh sure, this was an "accident". The husband happened to be there. Emergency happened to not be called - and they do have a 911 equivalent in Malaysia. Which happens to be a Muslim country.

And I suppose most "kitchen fire" victims in Pakistan and India were really kitchen accidents and not honor killings.

Kediset Kediset

-cringes- and this is why I'd rather not have anything to do with knives. Well. Only if I have to chop things with a big knife, or if I have to hold the object in my hand and use a knife to peel if I don't have a peeler. Mom tells me it's worse to be paranoid and cautious than to just do it. I dunno... to this day, I still take my time with chopping things and peeling (with a knife).

HaiDanni HaiDanni

i worked in a deli when i was 17, and they served premade salads that came in cartons. One day i was opening potato salad with a box cutter, and i sliced open my thumb from the nail to the knuckle. The blade was so sharp i actually didnt notice at first, until i started bleeding. A lot, really because the cut went all the way to the bone. I cant feel anything in that thumb now.

Garret Marucha

Oh that poor woman,My Grandma had a couin that died while whittling,dropped his knife and caught it with his thighs,knife caught his Femoral Artery. Also about your knife using tips,the only time I do cut myself is when I cut away from my body. When you use a knife its about your personal comfort,I have more control pulling towards myself than away. Don't hack like a manic and you'll be fine.


nonmember avatar Dave

You might say this story is on the cutting edge!

nonmember avatar LittleWesa

well damn!!!!
and yeah had a pretty bad accident in the kitchen... what's sad is that it was one of those i think they call them butter knives (you know the ones that come with the silverware) anyway i had one balanced on the butter container while putting butter on corn on the cob for my grandma about a year ago and (i'm short by the way) i was trying to get a bigger plate down and i knocked the knife down and it dive bombed my grandmother's foot and stabbed her right between her big toe and second toe... and it went deep! she was just like ow! at first but then it started bleeding really bad...

nonmember avatar Karri

This sounds rather suspicious, but I suppose it could happen. So I hope they would investigate, but it might well be the truth.

Tom Groener

I spent my whole working career in the Grocery business ending as VP of retail sales with Super Valu. There are always accidents, especially in the Meat Dept. When I was managing a Buttrey store in Montana, my head Butcher was carving some box beef, when he slipped and the blade went into his stomach. He was so surprised, that he pulled it out, and in the same motion stuck it back in the same wound instantly. LEAVE THE KNIFE IN THE WOUND, so you bleed to death. He survived, but it shows you that anything can happen when working with knives. Tom.

nonmember avatar SciFiMom

All the interesting stories seem to come out of foreign countries. Color me skeptical.

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