5 Kardashian Specials Scott Disick’s New Restaurant Needs (PHOTOS)

Scott Disick at new restaurant opening, RyuI freaking love Scott Disick. Seriously, how can you not adore a man who thinks it's cool to rock a cane and most likely coordinates his boxers with his socks and shirt every single damn day (and does it well!)?

Last night, Scott celebrated the opening of his new New York City restaurant Ryu with his biggest supporter Kourtney Kardashian as well as the entire Kardash fam (and Kanye!) in attendance. Sadly, Kim changed out of her Kanye West studs for the occasion.

Although there's not much buzz about Ryu just yet, what we do know about the new NYC hot spot is that it boasts a Japanese menu with all meals under $30. Japanese inspired, eh? 

Man oh man, do I have a few guesses about what's on Scott's menu.

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paige... paige8608

Please don't tell me he named it Ryu after Street Fighter. Because that sounds like something he would do. OMG. 

Donna... Donnab6395

Don't know how to say the name but I wish him luck. Maybe then he can stop living off his parents & Kourtney. Don't jump on me I actually like Scott. I like him, & I love Lamar but you know he was living off of them. It doesn't say where the new restuarant is

nonmember avatar Lisa Barker

Giving Scott Kudos to his new rest..but where is his parents and family and if if thwy aren't close or probs I totally understand I am estranged from my wealthy family andlive like the blackm sheep rasinf my 4 now little ones and my 18 yr old does her own but his mom ad dad seemed so nice but I DO know u can't judge a booke by its cover ..family ,can be fcked up which is min and did that to me which I'm learning thru now my secong husband and therapy and monving on..my mom did a lot of what kris jenner did as a kid and we were wealthy and ruined so many relationships in the mrriages and cousins it was sick and my mom was 41 n the man was 23 terrible..I understand and kourtney I'm now 36 5 kids 18 14 12 3 and a half and 9 month and I still keep my maiden name..its crazy..I'm writing all over the board trying to get in so much I know u all read so much but ok..therapy I'm getting better..thank got now u have Mr. Bruce Jenner ..he's the most Sane in ur live no offence good luck to u all..lisa

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