5 Favorite Foods That May Be Faking You Out (PHOTOS)

Kobe beef slidersWe know we are what we eat, but do we know what we're eating? Chances are, not really. Even the most conscientious label readers among us can be fooled, because too often those labels are lying.

It's sad, scary, and true. According to the Huffington Post, food fraud is a growing trend. So much of our food today is imported, and it's pretty easy to fool most consumers. So buyer beware, especially of the following five common foods that are prime targets for fake substitutes. You'll never view the contents of your grocery cart the same way again.

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butte... butterflyfreak

Get rid of the slideshows! So annoying, I won't even see your "fake foods" because I refuse to do your stupid slideshows!

nonmember avatar Really

Is clicking "next" really such a strain, butterflyfreak?

nonmember avatar Heather

Totally agree about the slide shows needing to go. takes forever to loaf each slide. Aren't you capable of just writing a good article rather than a powerpoint? in the two i've seen tonight both were beyond stupid. This one was just links to other articles. The other one was links to stupid stuff to buy. Please stop posting these worthless articles.

nonmember avatar Kimmy

I'm so sick of these stupid slide shows that are just links to other articles. This crap is stupid.

memek... memekisses

Sorry "Really" your outnumbered. The slide shows are a pain..especially since I'm mobile

Crystal Adams

I agree, Slides gotta go.............


Linda Womeldorff

I agree, get rid of the slideshows.

Chari... Charizma77

Yep, not digging the slideshows. As for the fake foods...eh, can't say I'm really all that surprised.

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