5 Favorite Foods That May Be Faking You Out (PHOTOS)

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  • Booze


    Image via terren in Virgina/Flickr

    Booze in general is a growing area of fraud, but vodka in particular has been in the spotlight because some fake versions contain dangerous chemicals that can make people sick or even go blind.

  • Milk


    Image via grongar/Flickr

    This one really burns me up because we spend so much money on milk. Apparently, much of it is watered down, or even worse, laced with chemicals. Experts say it's primarily a problem outside of the U.S., but that everyone should be informed, especially when it comes to powdered milk.


  • Farmer's Market Fare


    Image via Syntheticaperture/Flickr


    Think you're being all healthy and natural shopping at your local farmer's market? Maybe, but maybe not. Over the years, there have plenty of reports that find some vendors flat out lie about where their food comes from and its organic nature.

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