Olive Garden Serves Child Fruity Cocktail Again -- Time for a Menu Change?

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two cocktailsOlive Garden may serve critically-acclaimed cuisine, but there is something deeply wrong with their beverage service. For the second time in barely over a year a child has been served an alcoholic drink at an Olive Garden restaurant. This time it was a frozen rum cocktail for a 10-year-old. If he'd been wondering all this time what Jack Sparrow's favorite drink tastes like, now he knows. Fantastic!

The server who plunked the stuff in front of the kid was supposed to have delivered a Wildberry Fullato, so you can imagine how things might get confusing, right? And this just begs the question: Do some of these chain restaurant cocktails look and taste just a little too much like kiddie drinks?

Last April Olive Garden served a three-year-old a cocktail instead of the orange juice he'd ordered. And around that same time a toddler was served a margarita at an Applebees. In both of these cases the drinks were so tasty (!!!) the kids drank most of them before anyone realized something was wrong.

So back to my question. Maybe, just maybe, those fun, fruity, super-sweet "grownup" cocktails (and I use that term loosely) are just a little too juvenile? Are there any real grownups in the building who can handle a cocktail that actually looks and tastes like a real cocktail and not something that should come with a silly straw?

And since we're talking about an Italian restaurant -- oh yeah, Olive Garden is supposed to be Italianish -- there's plenty of real Italian cocktails to choose from.

Martini: Yup, it's Italian. Mostly gin with just a bit of dry vermouth, or mostly vodka with just a bit of vermouth. Either way, it should be served ice cold. But not with ice.

Americano: Campari, Vermouth rosso, soda water. Or there's the Negroni: Campari, Vermouth rosso, dry gin. Campari is a bitter liqueur -- no mistaking it for a kid's drink, ever.

Bellini: Sparkling wine with peach nectar. Okay, this one is definitely on the sweet side. But you serve it in a champagne flute, see, so it looks like it's for an adult. Kids get the drinks in wide-mouthed tumblers, with lids and straws.

It really doesn't have to be this difficult. Enough with the "Mango Martinis" and the frozen Wild Berry Bellinis that look exactly like the kids' nonalcoholic "Frullato" smoothies. If this isn't an indication that adults are trying to relive their childhoods through booze I don't know what is. Please, order a bracing, kid-unfriendly, adult beverage that comes in an obvious bar ware glass so some innocent kid (whose parents didn't even order an alcoholic beverage!) doesn't accidentally get alcohol poisoning.

Do you ever order sweet, fruity, frozen cocktails at chain restaurants?


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tiny_... tiny_mama

Here's a novel idea.. instead of ordering your kid a drink full of sugar.. get them water.. or milk. o.O

the4m... the4mutts

Damn straight I order those fruity drinks! And how dare you judge the "grownupness" of someone based on their drink taste??

The employee was a fucking idiot. And really, so were the parents. I always check my kids' food and drinks before letting them eat at a resturaunt. I've found too many pubes, dead flies, etc over the years, to not inspect my kids' food.

Fruity or not, any idiot knows what booze smells like. Look inside the cup for floating bugs, and you'll smell the booze.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I would take a dirty martini over one of those fruity drinks any day.

Todd Vrancic

I don't drink.  I have a high tolerance for alcohol and so it doesn't do anything for me.  My wife doesn't drink for the opposite reason, she can get drunk on a normal dose of cough syrup.  She has zero tolerance for alcohol and it puts her to sleep, so she doesn't see the point.

omm76002 omm76002

Why was the employee an idiot? You do realize that the bartender is the one who makes the drink and tells the waitress what the drink is! I worked in a restaurant and that's how it works! Why did the kid need to go to the er? Umm he was drunk, that's why he was acting strange! I would have raised hell to management however I don't see the er as necessary

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Yes, seriously...I mean I like myself a fruity drink from time to time and also from time to time I like to order my daughter a little fruity kid friendly beverage...Do they look alike sometimes? Yes.. But that doesnt mean I dont check our shit before she eats! I check her steak or any meat to make sure its done...check things to make sure they're not too spicy and I'd certainly test a drink if it came out in anything but a child safe cup with a lid and straw. Giving your kid something served in a chilled drink glass is just asking for it in my opinion....

navyw... navywife0204

which is why my kids drink milk or water when we eat there...

Melis... Melissa042807

I don't usually order the crazy fruity frozen cocktails at chain restaurants, because (cocktail snob alert!) I can tell they're made from pre-mixes and not really "fresh". And it bugs me. So if I do liquor while out I stick to something simple. 

I don't recall my parents ever letting us kids order the fancy drinks, because they cost so darn much. We got water most of the time. And if we were allowed a soda as a treat, it was Sprite or root beer. 

the4m... the4mutts

Omm- the waiter was an idiot because of exactly what you said. BARTENDERS MAKE THE ALCOHOLIC DRINKS!

The waiters make the others. DUH! So if a bartender hands you something for a kid, you go, hey, buddy, that's not a kids drink!

Not to mention, the straw colors at olive garden show alcoholic or not. Waiters get those straws that are for non alcoholic drinks. Bartenders put in the alcoholic ones.

The waiter, and the parents were at fault.

Just like the waiter is at fault for bringing an incorrect food order to your table. They're supposed to look at stuff before they just plop it down in front of you and scurry off

bills... billsfan1104

the4mutts, the waitresses and waiters do not make the non-alcohol drinks like the fruity drins  The only ones they get are the soda.  The glasses are suppose to be different also for the non-alcohol to regular alcohol drins--thats how they are suppose to tell the difference. 


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