Fast Food ‘Crimes’: Man Arrested for Putting Soda in His Water Cup

arrested for drinking soda mcdonald's
Choose Wisely
Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you. You're at your favorite fast food joint, and you order a cup for water. At the soda fountain, instead of hitting that tiny water button, you get the lemonade instead. I admit to being guilty of this. And even as I contemplated stopping mid-stream and turning my lemonade into a watered down lemon-like drink that would not make me feel guilty afterwards, I instead just let it flow. Now raise your hand if you purposefully ask for a water cup and go get your fill of ice cold Coca-Cola instead. Wow, you are a jerk. And you just might be arrested for it if you try that again, as would I if I took another lemonade for free.

Like this guy, in Naples, Florida who tried that smooth move at a McDonald's and is now facing felony charges. Which makes me realize that fast food restaurants are really just felony traps waiting to happen. Let's talk about all the other food you're probably stealing from these purveyors of processed stuffs.


You only need one packet, yet you take five. Hey, what's that in your fridge? Oh, just your free ketchup you STOLE from Carl's Jr. You might want to watch out for the patrol car hanging out by the drive-thru window.

Extra Pickles

When you beg for the extra stuff on your burger after you've already been rung up, it's highly unlikely someone behind the register is going to start a new sale for some pickle chips. Congratulations, you just stole from corporate America.

Salt & Pepper

Sure you may have just thrown those extras in the trash. But you took them knowing you would never rip open more than one tiny paper container. Thief!


How many free refills can you get before it becomes criminal? Consult your lawyer before heading back to the fountain for the fifth time.

Do you steal from McDonald's?

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Melis... Melissa042807

A certain family member of mine used to pull something at Starbucks - she'd order an Americano, room for cream, and AFTER she paid for it she'd say to the barista making it "Oh, could you put some caramel in it?" because she knew they're too nice at Starbucks to say no. But my mom called her on the carpet about it one day, because even though it's only a few cents worth of syrup, it's wrong. And behind that bright smile, the baristas probably want to smack you. Certain family member has ceased this practice. 

femal... femaleMIKE

The mcdonalds I go to has ALL supplies on lock down.

Steph... Steph1499

First off I live in Naples and he should have just had to pay for the drink.  I mean so now he is in jail and costing us money.   Really I think this is just a thing they do now so he will have to pay probation to the county and then they make money.  

nonmember avatar Jen

Don't know why they don't just do what they do here in Texas - you pay for the CUP, not the DRINK, (and all the cups are the same) so it doesn't matter if you get soda, lemonade, or water. It's all the same.


Wow. I guess this means you actually have to pay for what you order. And the problem with is ______? People who steal, intentionally or not, make the prices more expensive for the rest of us. If you order water, free of charge and take lemonade, that's stealing whether you want to admit it or not.

libby261 libby261

I say make him pay for his drink and then ban him from the store.  A felony charge for an item that is $2 or less?  How is that even possible?  

Judith K Littles

I think a felony charge is extreme for a stolen soda. No I don't go to any restaraunt to steal condiments, that's kind of sad.

Todd Vrancic

It is a felony because he is a repeat offender.  He has done this so many times and been charged with misdemeanor theft often enough that as a repeat offender, the charge was upgraded to a felony with the possibility, if he is found guilty, of a sentence of five years.

paige... paige8608

That's ridiculous...felony?!?!

I lived in this house in college & the McDonalds was just a quick walk through my was awesome. I would go over there & order breakfast, save my cup, go back for lunch & refill my cup. I know it was cheap & wrong, but I was cheap & wrong at the I would not do that now. Besides...I usually order a combo & I have my choice of drink, so it doesn't really matter.

Miche... Michelephant

If you read the linked article it says that this guy has so many previous petty theft convictions that they upped this theft from a misdemeanor to a felony.  It isn't like this guy is squeaky clean and just did this once. 

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