'Dirty Bastard' Beer Is Hilarious, Not Offensive


dirty bastard beerUsing the words "Dirty Bastard" to describe another human being isn't exactly a term of endearment, but seeing it written on a bottle of beer really isn't all that offensive. That is, of course, unless you live in Alabama. The folks down there are all bent out of shape over this brew -- so much in fact that they've banned the sale of it.

Apparently since beer is sold in grocery and convenience stores in the state, they figured kids might be subjected to seeing the label, which they describe as "profanity." Profanity? Really? Maybe I'm not old fashioned enough or something, but I actually find the name of the beer kinda funny. Can't you hear the potential jokes that go along with sharing a pint of this stuff? "Drink up, you old, dirty bastard!" Ha ha ha.

An attorney for the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board said that the state aims to "keep dirty pictures and dirty words away from children." I can understand the dirty pictures thing for sure, but if they are really worried about kids hearing or seeing dirty words, then they'd better go ahead and raid every single school the state. Because kids are gonna hear that language regardless of whether it's visible on the side of a beer bottle.

And interestingly enough, the state does allow the sale of Fat Bastard wine and Raging Bitch beer. Wait a minute -- does anyone else see a bit of a contradiction? If Dirty Bastards aren't allowed in Alabama, then Fat Bastards and Raging Bitches should be banned too. It's only fair, right?

Honestly, I think the state really needs to take a step back and chill out and realize that refusing to sell a certain brand of beer isn't really a solution to their problem. Besides, it's not like the label is plastered on the side of a Kool-Aid packet that little kids are going to see. Odds are good that people of legal age are the ones who will be buying the beer. Or at least we hope so.

Would you be offended to see Dirty Bastard beer at your local store?


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Elise48 Elise48

No I would not be offended. In fact, we served Fat Bastard wine at our wedding reception simply because of the name.  But I did notice that at Sam's club where we bought it (in SC, which is similarly backwards about some things) the price signs listed it as Fat B***ard wine.

nonmember avatar Shannon

Well, Arrogant Bastard Ale is already pretty popular, and there's a local brewery called Ass Clown, so no, it wouldn't bother me.

foxyc... foxychick9003

Nope, Arrogant Bastard Ale is my favorite.

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

It shouldn't suprise anyone - people come up with new things to be "offended" about every day.....

Jscot... Jscott1216

My husban likes horny old goat beer. Here's my question, if these people are so concerned about kids seeing the label why are these said kids in the liquor department in the first places?

Chari... Charizma77

No, but I'm not going to buy it.

nonmember avatar linda

My husband recently sold his majority in Founder's, which makes Dirty Bastard. People asked him all the time if it was his picture on the bottle. (It's not.) He is so down about having to sell his stock. (Ex wife issues). He can't even go into the brewery any more. It's a shame because that and their Breakfast Stout are so good. Blushing Monk too!

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