Victoria Beckham's Birthday 'Cake' Proves She Doesn't Know How to Party

victoria beckham fruit plateIt should probably go without saying that Victoria Beckham has some serious food issues. David Beckham's wife has said that she thinks she has the average woman's body, and a while back, when she was pregnant with baby Harper, she made headlines for making a special request while dining out with a famous chef. So I guess it's really no surprise that for her birthday this week, when she dined out with Becks and their brood at L.A. eatery Nobu Matsuhia, she totally passed on the birthday cake. Instead, she really went to town on a birthday fruit plate. Um ...

'Course being who she is, she felt it necessary to broadcast this sad excuse for an indulgence along by tweeting a pic of it alongside the caption, "Birthday lunch!!! such a lovely day!!!! X vb." Oh, Victoria. Victoria Victoria.


Now, who the heck knows if she was only having the fruit plate with her birthday lunch, and later, she'll enjoy a big fat piece of fudge cake in the privacy of their posh mansion? But I highly doubt it. This is a woman who seems to subsist on leafy greens, the occasional piece of steamed fish, and fruit as a "special treat."

Sure, she's got a body plenty of women would envy, but honestly, picking fruit over cake is pitiful. Your birthday comes around once a year, and birthday cake is just something that comes with the territory. Not to mention that it is one of the best treats ever -- one most of us consider the holy grail of desserts as a kid and even as you get older. Why do I say holy grail? Because, since it's your birthday, it's supposed to be your favorite.

For instance, my fiance always requests a Carvel Fudgy the Whale ice cream cake, because he has such good memories of it from when he was a kid. My father's all-time fave is Key Lime pie, so we usually try to have that classic summer treat for his August b-day. Why shouldn't they have one slice of their #1 indulgence? 

It's pretty clear why Posh feels she shouldn't. The woman's just way too hung up on being thin to dig into a piece of birthday cake or pie. She's eating fruit instead. And that's terribly sad.

Do you agree indulgence is a must on your birthday? What's your fave birthday treat?

Image via Twitter

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