Obama Eating Dog Is a Total Non-Scandal

bo obamaCalm down, people. No one is eating Bo! Seriously, this is the best comeback people can make to the story about Romney strapping the family dog to the top of the wagon for a 12-hour road trip? (Which he supposedly loved except for that one time when he had diarrhea.) Feathers are a-flying over this little passage in Dreams From My Father about the time Obama ate dog while he was a boy in Indonesia.

You know, INDONESIA, one of them foreign countries where they commit the sort of barbaric acts you'd expect from a country that doesn't supply its people with a steady stream of artificially cheap beef that's been fed genetically-modified corn, antibiotics, and steroids.

Newsflash: People in other countries eat different animals than we do.


In fact, Hindus think it's even more barbaric of us to eat beef. That's a sacred animal to about 1.5 million people. It's a big, wide world, full of different cultures and cuisines. What kind of lesson is it for our kids to act so scandalized at another country's meal?

Dog has been eaten all over Asia until very recently. And until about 100 years ago, they were eating dog throughout Europe, too. Horsemeat is common in Canada. Meanwhile, pigs have been shown to be every bit as intelligent and emotional as dogs are, maybe even more so. And yet we still love eating bacon.

The way the dog has become a pet rather than dinner probably has more to do with the amount of meat and fat they produce and how good they are at carrying out useful tasks than anything intrinsic about how "right" it is to eat them.

Folks in Australia eat kangaroo and lizard. People all over the world eat bugs, rodents -- why am I even telling you this? We've heard it all before. Remember when Jennifer Lawrence shot and skinned a squirrel in Winter's Bone (and in Hunger Games, come to think of it)? It was because she wanted to SAVE HER FAMILY FROM STARVATION.

Hungry people eat what's around them. If there's no McDonald's or Whole Foods around, you may need to eat a dog. So if you're feeling smug and entitled there atop your gigantic mountain of American food, please, by all means: Make fun of what people in other countries eat.

Is there any animal you would never eat, even if you were starving?


Image via An Honorable German/Flickr

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