Trendy 'Weird' Foods Taste Strangely Normal


fiddlehead fernsHey everybodeee, America's lovin' weird flavors these days! At least, that's what the Wall Street Journal says. They've noticed all these cray cray foods popping up all over lately and it's freaking them out. Foods like bacon-flavored sundaes, BLT chips, PB&J vodka, Doritos tacos, rainbow sherbet gum, and birthday cake Oreos.

OMG, birthday cake Oreos?!? Why that's! Totally unremarkable. I don't think any of this qualifies as weird. This is just a mash-up of the same handful of common, ordinary flavors everyone already loves. You want to talk about really weird flavors?

Okay thrill-seekers, how many of you have tried these "weird" foods?

Fiddlehead ferns: They're in season now. Every spring I try to like them, and every spring I fail. They taste almost like asparagus but without that special something that makes asparagus taste good. Also, ferny texture -- ew. Sorry, locavore foodie friends.

Sea urchin: Another food I keep trying in hopes that I'll like it. I've only tried it as sushi, so maybe I need to try it some other way. I think it tastes like a mouthful of mushy iodine.

Dutch licorice: Not the regular black kind. It's similar, but softer and salty.

Mexican lime salt candy: I tried this as a child on family vacations to Mexico and always felt betrayed. This is NOT what I had in mind when I asked for candy!

Kimchi: On the other hand, kimchi is weird-awesome. It's Korean pickled vegetables, often cabbage but you'll see other veggies, too. They're fermented with chili for that sour-spicy flavor I found so offensive as a kid.

I could go on. There's a world of flavors out there beyond bacon and rainbow sherbet. So call me when they make kimchi-flavored potato chips or Dutch licorice-flavored gum. Or -- oh look, they already make seaweed-flavored mayonnaise!

What are your favorite "weird" flavors?


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Ari. Ari.

These foods arent trendy, I have been cooking with most of these forever.

Kimbyann Kimbyann

I love kimchi.

allie... alliesmom112

I have not tried any of these.

coppe... copperswifey

I don't think I have tried any "weird" flavors. Everyone here thinks I'm weird when I buy artichokes, because nobody knows what they are lol That is about as weird as I get lol :)

Chari... Charizma77

I don't think I've ever cooked with any of those

loves... lovesouldoula

I love kimchi.I'm into most fermented foods,they're so good for you!

Rushn311 Rushn311

I haven't tried any of those-not THAT adventurous

nonmember avatar Emme

I looove kimchi, but it's definitely an acquired taste. We eat it all the time at my parents' house - my dad makes it. My poor hubby finds the smell offensive. =P

nonmember avatar Palette

These are not trendy at all. Why would you even write such a thing? Where do you live, in isolation?

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

I grew up with kimchi.  It is one of my Dad's favorite foods.  That and gefilte fish.  I've tried Dutch licorice.  That stuff is awful, but I am sure it's an acquired taste.  The one vegetable that I haven't had in 14 years of marriage is Brussel Sprouts because my husband finds the smell offensive and he said that if I cook any he will throw up all over the house.  I'm getting to the point that I want to test that theory as I am missing really good Brussel Sprouts.

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