Disappointed Potato Chip Guy Makes Me Sad Too (VIDEO)

lay's potato chips videoThere's a video going viral on the Internets right now, and you're totally going to be able to relate. You see, this guy bought some small bags of Lay's potato chips, and he is pissed. He opened them up, and there were only five chips and some crumbs. Five!

I admit to being surprised when he only counted out five, even though I'm fully aware of the big bag with no chips situation out there in the world. And his disappointment was infectious, to be sure. He's also cute, so I'm leaning towards his side on this issue.

However, if this guy doesn't want to wind up being crazy disappointed for the rest of his life, he may just have to adjust his expectations.

Look, he's totally showing you how little he's getting for his potato chip money.


Just an FYI, slightly irritated dude, "natural" flavors may not be natural. That hamburger you got in the drive-thru is made of things that will allow it to not change shape for at least a year or more. Also, frozen dinners are nowhere near as luscious as the packaging. Jamba Juice has tons of sugar along with your daily fruit intake and immune boost, and Starbucks is way overpriced.

If any packaged food says "Healthy" on it, I can guarantee you that it is not. Rice Krispies do not actually say, "Snap, Crackle & Pop" when you pour milk on top of them. But they do make delicious treats when combined with marshmallows.

Listen, I'm not trying to say you're wrong about this Lay's situation. You're right, and as you said, "Come on, Lay's." But there's a big bad world of processed food out there, just waiting for naive kids like you to snap up their goods and have your dreams crushed. Beware, young man, beware.


Image via YouTube

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