Chocolate Wine: Too Much of 2 Good Things?

chocovineChocolate and wine: Two of my most favorite things in the world. They even taste great together. How do I love them, let me count the ways. No! We do not have time for that. Instead, I will have to cut to the chase. Someone has gone and combined these two wonderful gifts from the gods together into one beverage. ChocoVine.

It's wine mixed up with Dutch cocoa, sugar, and a brew of other ingredients. And the good people at ChocoVine sent some over so we could have ourselves a little taste test at The Stir. Here's what we thought.


"I'm surprised at how thick it is."


"I just want a cookie now."

"I'm having flashbacks to when I was a teenager and thought wine in Yoohoo would be a good idea."

That last one is a pretty accurate description, actually. Except I should add that this stuff is 14 percent alcohol. Wheee!

Still, it made me sad that cocktail hour at The Stir did not result in joy. Were we too hasty in our judgement? After all, isn't wine itself an acquired taste? And really, how different was this from Kahlua? Which I never drink. Because it's sweet and silly. Have I mentioned I prefer dry, strong stuff like martinis and scotch? Still, I was out of whisky, vodka, and gin at the time.

Obviously this required further investigation.

Going by my progress on the bottle in the past few days, I think I may be getting the hang of this stuff. It's my go-to on nights when I can't decide if I'm in the mood for a glass of red or some chocolate ice cream -- and am feeling too lazy to get either.

There's something appealingly sloppy and decadent about it -- like the girl version of The Dude's White Russians in The Big Lebowski. The choco-wine abides. I don't know about you but I take comfort in that. It's good knowin' it's out there. Takin' 'er easy for the rest of us sinners.

P.S. If you like your chocolate and wine in cake form, check out this Sinfully Delicious Red Wine Cake recipe.

Chocolate-flavored wine -- is this a good idea or does it sound too funky for you?


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