Miley Cyrus Rushed to ER for Attempting to Cook Food (VIDEO)

miley cyrus
Just before the incident, fingers intact
Think Miley Cyrus is gettin' too skinny 'cause she never eats? Well here's proof that she really does eat: Miley was rushed to the hospital Monday with a cut finger -- from cooking. Check out the photos in the link. You can see the bright red blood and everything. No, that is not ketchup. 

The girl cut her finger with a kitchen knife. No doubt she was cookin' up some gluten-free grub, too. Who knew gluten-free could be so dangerous? Where there is a bloody finger, there are piles of wobbly carrots, I guarantee. Now if only Miley would follow some simple knife safety guidelines.


Important Knife Safety Rules for Miley Cyrus and Everybody Else

1. Keep your knives sharp. It sounds counter-intuitive, but sharp knives are much less likely to slip on you.

2. Assume the claw-hand position with your non-cutting hand. That keeps flailing fingers out of the way of the blade. Watch how Bobby does it.

3. Pay attention to what you're doing. Rumor has it Liam Hemsworth was in the kitchen when Miley had her accident. Which brings us to the next knife safety rule.

4. Do not ever attempt to cut vegetables with Liam Hemsworth in the room.

5. In the event that you do ever-so-foolishly cut vegetables around Liam Hemsworth, and the inevitable knife accident happens, be sure to make him drive you to the hospital.

I think we all learned an important lesson today thanks to Miley Cyrus Kitchen Crisis 2012. No, it's not that eating gluten-free is dangerous! It's these knife safety rules. These rules could save your little digits.

Have you ever had to rush to the hospital with a bad kitchen knife cut?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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