Williams-Sonoma Cupcake Shop Fulfills Every Fantasy but One

cupcake shopWill you be ready when the cupcake apocalypse comes? "What cupcake apocalypse?" you ask. The one that may or may not be coming off the heels of the zombie takeover, that's what! Aren't you reading the signs? Need I remind you of this key verse in The Joy of Cooking Revelations?

And behold, there were cupcake ATMs installed and the people did rejoice. But they did not always have cash on hand. And so there was weeping and gnashing of teeth for the people wanted cupcakes at midnight and the bakeries were closed.

Fortunately, Williams-Sonoma has your back. Here they are, with The Cupcake Shop: "Everything you need for perfect home-baked cupcakes -- from start to finish." And you should not be at all embarrassed by your cupcake fanaticism, either. This is not a sign that cupcake mania has gone too far. At all.


Okay, so where do we begin? They've got your ingredients, they've got your big, shiny mixer (you could use your hands, but what if you get tired after chasing zombies?), your muffin tins, your bowls and spoons and measuring cups, your sprinkles, your cupcake cookbooks, your Star Wars-themed decorating kit, your Sillicups (silicone cupcake liners, silly), your frosting, your more decorating kits, your colorful frosting squeezy things, your pastry bags, your milk glass cupcake stands, and your gift boxes.

Wow, who knew you needed so much crap just to make your own cupcakes? These guys did. I can't believe I've been trying to make cupcakes all this time WITHOUT a proper cupcake stand. What a barbarian I am.

But wait, they've put half the store into a handy little cupcake gift set, which comes in a straw-filled wine box so you can fake out your mother. "A whole case of wine?!? How exci-- oh, a cupcake kit."

But wait Part II, they're giving us recipes, decorating tips, and cupcake videos -- which for some strange reason do not include videos of people actually eating cupcakes. Guess I'll have to make those myself.

So there you go: The End-All and Be-All of cupcakes forever and ever, Amen. Except for one little thing: There is no cupcake-baking robot to bake the cupcakes for me. FAIL!

Do you love baking cupcakes this much?


Image via Williams-Sonoma

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