McDonald's Is Available 24/7 Even When You're in the Hospital

mcdonald's 24/7I think we're all aware that McDonald's has taken over the world. In fact, this has been going on since we were kids and long before Happy Meal debates started popping up on message boards. But it now appears that McDonald's has literally covered every second from birth to, well, the end as they open restaurants that stay open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in hospitals!

You'll never have a craving for a Big Mac again that is not easily remedied. Good news?


I don't know about you, but there are times when something bad happens and I need to drown my sorrows in a black and white shake. I'm guessing that's what these hospital McDonald's locations are all about. Having a tough day, or have to endure some kind of invasive test? Make yourself feel better with some Chicken McNuggets and a large fry. (And then stop, so you don't wind up back in the hospital for a cholesterol situation.)

That, and drunken drive-thru runs, can probably explain the appeal of the 24/7 McDonald's as well. It's comfort food, and you never know what time of day you'll need that comfort. Or what location you may find yourself in, when you need that food to wallow in for a moment.

Of course it would be better to go for a run, do some yoga, or just call a friend. But sometimes the easiest method of comforting is exactly what you need. It may not be good for us in the long run, but it's hard to argue against comfort food in the moment.

Do you go to McDonald's when you need a pick-me-up?

Image via McDonald's

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