Your Red Wine Might Have Pot in It (No, Really)

red wineOh California, you give us so much craziness. From the always entertaining antics out of Hollywood to your love of marijuana, you never fail to make us say OMG. Latest case in point -- pot-infused wine that's said to be sparking a nationwide trend.

According to the Daily Beast, while this vino with a kick isn't brand new (though it's certainly new to me), it has had a resurgence, and California winemakers are leading the revival -- but, of course.


To produce the dope wine (and I don't mean that in a good way) winemakers apparently just take a bunch of pot (about a pound) and put it into a cask of fermenting wine. The ganja apparently goes best with grapes of the Cabernet variety best. Then they let nature take its course, and viola -- vino that will get you buzzed like none other.

Personally, I don't get it. Wine by itself has such a lovely, relaxing effect if sipped in moderation. It's refined and elegant and makes me think of chamber music; and while it has its virtues, pot makes me think of a Grateful Dead concert. Marrying the two just seems like a mess, and I don't see the point. Some things are better left alone.

So who's drinking this stuff? One maker of the concoction told the reporter that since pot is pretty prevalent in California, the wine no longer garners a high (pun intended) dollar like it may have back in the day. Instead, "it's really just a party drink that winemakers break out whenever the mood strikes." So depending on what kind of circles you party in, you may want to give your glass an extra sniff lest you end up with some mad munchies, duuude.

Call me a buzz kill, but it just seems like way too much going on in one glass. I love my wine, but this just seems like a bad mixture, and I can't imagine how many crackers and cheese (and Doritos and Twinkies) I'd want to ingest after each glass.

Would you drink pot-infused wine?


Image via ralphunden/Flickr

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