6 Worst Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Ever

grilled cheese
What is going on here?
Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!
Did you know that's today? Like I need another excuse to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich. As long as you're not lactose intolerant there is much to love about this non-holiday. Much indeed.

We already shared with you a full platter of scrumptious grilled cheese sandwiches ideas. But did you know there was a dark side to the classic? There are those who would twist the sandwich into something so unholy, so revolting, it's almost unrecognizable. Witness: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Gone Horribly Wrong.


First of all, there is our favorite: Denny's Fried Cheese Melt. Because your grilled cheese needs mozzarella sticks, obvs. I mean, there's a glimmer of a good idea in there. I like mozzarella sticks. I like their crisp outside/gooey insides. But when you slice this sandwich in half it looks like a cross section of something that use to be alive! Are those finger bones caught inside a sandwich?

Did you know Dairy Queen makes their grilled cheese sandwiches with toast and Cheese Whiz? Now you do.

Slash/Food came up with the worst grilled cheese sandwich recipe. Ever. And it's almost the same as Dairy Queen's! Remarkable. "Take two slices of low carb bread and toast them in the toaster. Then take two slices of low-fat American cheese (the brand doesn't matter - they all taste like tangy construction paper), place them in the middle, and press down firmly."

But it's still not as gross as the Jam Grilled Cheese. Do people really do this -- put grape jam on their grilled cheese sandwich?

My least favorite grillled cheese sandwich? THE BURNT KIND. You can scrape off the burnt part with a knife. Still, it's ruined.

And now, a photo that could ruin grilled cheese sandwiches for you forever. NO DON'T LOOK! Oh, you have to look. It's hilarious. And if you don't get why this is so gross/funny then just move on, seriously. Enjoy not having the implications of that image in your mind.

Have you ever had a gross grilled cheese sandwich?


Image via ellenm1/Flickr

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