Woman Apologizes to Her Pasta-Loving Guy in the Sweetest Way Imaginable

pasta apologyHave you ever wanted to apologize -- with food? Me too, all the time. Nothing says "I'm sorry" like painstakingly arranging alphabet soup letters to spell out exactly how awful you feel about your terrible misunderstanding. No, I'm serious -- that's what a woman did for her pasta-loving boyfriend. And then, because this kind of thing really does need to be shared, "pretzelprincess" posted it on Reddit.

This, my friends, is a thing of beauty: All those little letters, all those pasta puns.


"I got angry fusilli reasons." "I hope you gnocchi I love you." THAT IS SO SWEET! This is just waiting to be turned into a series of prints and sold on Etsy.

It sounds like this is a long-distance relationship ("even though we're farfalle apart"), which just makes this story even more adorable. Because she can't just make him a pasta dinner and say "I'm sorry"  in person she's doing something even better. Can we hear it for this girl? And then it all ends in a pasta heart. MELT!

Do you think "pretzelprincess's" boyfriend forgave her?


Images via Imgur/Reddit

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