Do Something Fun With Your Leftover Easter Eggs (VIDEO)

easter eggsI just ate my third Easter egg in the past 24 hours. And you know what? I am already sick of hard boiled eggs.

It happens every Easter. You and your kids have a ball dyeing all those eggs. They look beautiful there in the bowl, all pink and yellow and covered in Angry Birds stickers (or was that just us?). And then Monday comes. And you're stuck with all those eggs that cannot be un-boiled. What can you do with them -- you know, besides put them in everyone's lunches for the rest of the week? Here are some fun ideas for your leftover Easter eggs.


Babble has a whole egg carton full of leftover Easter egg ideas, but my favorite has to be this one: Egg Chicks. So cute! And just in time for spring break and frazzled parents looking for a fun activity for their kids.

When was the last time you had deviled eggs? I can't even remember for myself, but after reading about this Smoky Red Devil Eggs recipe, I think it's time to try a new version.

You could pickle those hard boiled eggs. Here's a recipe for Garlic Pickled Hard Cooked Eggs. Pickling infuses your eggs with new flavors, in case you're tired of egg flavor. Leftover Easter eggs? We can pickle that!

Too weird? Well there's always egg salad. You already know the chopped-egg-mayo-mustard routine, but how about something a little snazzier? Here's a Swedish version -- with sour cream. Epicurious has an egg salad recipe with pimento-stuffed olives.

And there's the ultimate: Cobb salad -- one of the prettiest salads around. Eggs, bacon, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, all in neat rows, what a show-stopper. Smitten Kitchen has a great cobb salad recipe.

What do you usually do with your leftover Easter eggs?


Image via jmurawski/Flickr

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