Burger King’s New Bacon Sundae Sounds Saltily Delicious

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burger king new menu with baconEvery foodie has their vices. For me, it's bacon. Call me a "trendster," but I was so totally into bacon before EVERYONE was into bacon. I love the salty sweet taste of bacon chocolate, I adorrreeeee fresh turkey bacon off the griddle, and atop a wedge of romaine with crumbled blue cheese? Forgettaboutit. Burger King, they understand people like me. Last week, we heard all about their new influx of celebtastic advertising and a few of their fun new menu items. Well hold onto your hats, foodies, because they're ALSO testing out a few other ideas at a test spot in Tennessee. One of them being, wait for it ... a BACON SUNDAE.

Holy Moses. Get me to Tennessee, STAT!

OK, so BK is not the first fast food chain to jump on the bacon dessert bandwagon. Remember last year when Denny's came out with the maple bacon sundae (I die). There's no word as to whether the BK bacon sundae is going to stick and become a nationwide offering, just yet, but what the hey -- a gal can hope.

Along with the sundae, the fast food giant is also testing sweet potato fries, BBQ sammies in pork, grilled chicken, and burger, as well as frozen lemonade. Mmmmm, me being able to go to a drive-through and pick up sweet potato fries may just be more dangerous to my waistline than the bacon sundae!

Do you think the bacon sundae would catch on? Which one of the potential new menu items would you be most excited about?

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bills... billsfan1104

Turkey bacon blechhhh.

I heart bacon. The saltier and sweeter the better. Yummmmmy

bills... billsfan1104

There is a place around here that has sweet potato fries. It has butter and honey and is the best.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I like bacon or turkey it don't matter to me

Angie Hayes

Thats disgusting, people will put dead animal on anything and eat it. Do people have no morals, do they feel no guilt what so ever for taking the life of an animal? Been vegetarian for 10 years and so are our children and never EVER had a day in my life where I wasnt heathier then a meat eater, not to mention, we don't indulge in the horrible slaughtering of innocent animals.

butte... butterflyfreak

Nope no moral dilemma here, the way I see it, the animals were put here FOR us, just likt the plants. My moral issue is with all the processed crap. THAT shit ain't natural!

Missa58 Missa58

I consider myself a secondary vegetarian...I eat animals that eat vegetables. eating

Serpe... SerpentsKiss

I don't feel the least bit guilty about eating meat.

mamivon2 mamivon2

Im not a big meat eater.. simply I dont like it

bills... billsfan1104

This was a friend of mine that posted this on his FB page:

While having dinner with a vegan, they pointed out that I should go vegetarian, they live longer... I pointed my knife at my steak and commented, "That was a vegan, it didn't work out so good for them now did it?"

jenje... jenjenwillis176

its bacon  people dont know its not  bacon  lol  short reference to beggin strips  lol

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