Why Eat Peeps When You Can Marry Them (to Each Other)? (VIDEO)

just peep'dPeeps! Peeps, peeps, peeps. Who doesn't love themselves some Peeps?! It's like somebody took every single happy moment of your childhood and dipped them all in glittery colored sugar and reliving those carefree, joyous times is as simple as going to the store and buying a box for like, $1.99.

Peeps, my friends, make life worth living.

That said, I don't actually like EATING Peeps. Which is weird, because I have a huge sweet tooth and generally I'm a hardcore marshmallow fan. Still, no matter how many times I try (figure at least once a year for the past few decades), every time I bite into a Peep ... I'm disappointed.

So I absolutely LOVE it when people get all creative with Peeps in a non-edible way. Perfect example: The Sixth Annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest


Make no mistake: These aren't the kind of "dioramas" you associate with elementary school. These entries elevate Peeps to a fine art form. Seriously! Just look at little Will and Kate in the photo above (Just Peep'd). Aw, they're married! Royally adorable!

This year's winner, OccuPeep D.C., is even a political statement of sorts:

occupeep d.c.

Check out this video for the stories behind OccuPeep D.C., four finalists and other standouts. Then get yourself to the store before they run out of Peeps -- you've got a lot of work to do!

What kind of scene would you create using Peeps?

Image via Washington Post

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