50 Cent's Confusion Over Grapefruit Is Deliciously Hilarious (VIDEO)



Let me get this straight: Rapper 50 Cent doesn't know what a grapefruit is? That's what comedian Aziz Ansari says. In his hysterical comedy special, Dangerously Delicious, Aziz tells about the time he overheard 50 Cent order grapefruit soda at a restaurant.

Now let's stop here for a moment to clear something up: YES, grapefruit soda is a thing. It's delicious. Grapefruit was trending like crazy last year and now we have ourselves some tasty pink sodas and even Perrier is in on that action. Now let's get to the part where Aziz's story gets really weird.

Lolz, "Why isn't this purple?" Okay, now here's what I think really happened. 50 Cent misread the menu and thought he was ordering grape soda. Who doesn't love grape soda? It's so purple. And then it comes out all pink instead and he realizes he's about to drink something that looks incredibly girly. So he gets into it with the waiter.

Aziz is evesdropping because it's 50 Cent and he needs to hear every word he says. Aziz catches "Why isn't this purple" and then the restaurant gets noisy and he can't hear the rest of the conversation very clearly. The rest is shiny, gold comic made-up bullshit. 

Because, come on. 50 Cent knows what a grapefruit is, right? HE HAS TO! How do you go through life in America without ever learning about them? So what I'm wondering now is, what is 50 Cent going to do to Aziz the next time they find each other in the same room? I think Aziz is going to run. 

Are there any common foods you didn't learn about until you were an adult?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

Yum and lol at 50 cent not knowing what grapefruit soda is ..!

Stacey. Stacey.

Why would anyone want to know what grapefruit is...yuck!

nonmember avatar jojo

did not know what a sweet potatoe was til i was in my mid-20's

nonmember avatar Ann

I was 17 & on a date with the young man who took me to my Junior Prom. We went to a VERY fancy local restaurant so I could wear my prom dress again. I like to try new foods, & never having had Brussels Sprouts, & wondering if they were as bad as rumor had it, I ordered them as a side dish. When they arrived, I was a bit surprised & turned to the waiter, saying: "I thought I ordered Brussels Sprouts ... there must be some mistake. These are just baby cabbages." (which is what my Mother called them at our house). Both the waiter & my guy looked a bit stunned, & insisted they WERE Brussels Sprouts. I don't think I've been quite that embarrassed since!!!

Ari. Ari.


nonmember avatar Richard

Great clip - quite believable too - Fiddy doesn't seem the brightest man!

nonmember avatar Alex G

Fiddy is quite possibly the cleverest high school drop out ever... Aziz isn't funny, struggled to watch this clip, don't know how he's 'doing okay' because he's an unfunny stand up comedian. He should learn to write jokes about real-life as opposed to depending on name-dropping.

slw123 slw123

I think I'm pretty familiar with the food common here.

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